Cronkrite staying home, chooses Miami

Cronkrite staying home, chooses Miami

Peter Ariz
Miami nabbed a huge commitment on Sunday night when Westminster Christian RB Jordan Cronkrite (5-11, 195) called Al Golden and informed him that he wanted the world to know he would be staying close to home and playing his college ball at the University of Miami.

“It’s a big weight off of my shoulders. There is a lot of pressure off of me now,” Cronkrite said. The versatile athlete said that he knew Miami would be his choice, “ever since I’ve started playing football.”

One of the separating factors for Cronkrite besides Miami being a childhood favorite of his was the coaching staff at The U.

“I just had a better feel with all of the coaches there and have a good relationship with them. They are a great group of guys.”

Earlier in the process, there was some speculation on whether or not Cronkrite would receive what seemed to be one of his dream offers. Miami offered on January 24th and coaches did a good job of making sure all confusion was in the past.

“It wasn’t smooth at first, but they let me know they really wanted me here and they kept showing me a lot of love.”

After missing out on other top flight running backs over the last couple of classes, Miami has put themselves in good position with commitments from Dexter Williams and now Cronkrite. The possibility of Duke Johnson declaring for the draft after this season made these commitments all the more important.

“It’s going to be a great opportunity for me. A lot of my friends are staying here for school and my family always wanted me to stay close to home so it’s the best of both worlds,” Cronkrite explained. “I just know it’s not going to be given to me so I have to go in and work hard.”

The Miami native will now turn into one of the Canes’ biggest assets on the recruiting trail. Cronkrite has known many of Miami’s current top targets since the optimist level.

“I’ll be working on guys like Tim (Irvin) and JaQuan (Johnson) to come with me. I’ll try my hardest to get the words in their ears, but it will ultimately be up to them.”

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Those 3 remind me of Duke, Tracy, and Deon! Faces of the class.
Could he have seen SBB and Ridley get away and then decided to purposely come out now to give a much needed momentum boost?
Tim and JJ to me wont be that hard for JC, I just hope he can get in the ears of others studs and have a big impact on them
Al Golden ‏@GoldenAl 17s

So would Jaquan play safety? As awesome as a backfield of Yeaby, Williams, Cronkite, and Jaquan would be, it'd seem better if Jaquan focused on being a safety
Dont think this really helps with Clarington. But 100% helps with quan and Irvin.
Who is better, Cronkrite or Williams?

Both will be better on the team together. These two behind Joe after Duke leaves give me warm feeling. We need JC to get 4 or 5 more top recruits to make this the class that tips us over.