Cronkrite in No Rush for Decision

Cronkrite in No Rush for Decision

Tito Benach
2015 Westminster (Fla.) running back Jordan Cronkrite’s recruiting process got a lot more hectic once his junior film came out. While the recruiting process has become out of hand for him, he’s still trying to keep a level head.

“It’s been real crazy, there’s schools coming from every direction so I’m not trying to jump the gun or anything and still seeing what comes my way.”

The 2015 prospect has recently picked up offers from Florida, Miami, Ohio State, and Kentucky.

Cronkrite got the chance to see Coral Gables this past week as he was in attendance for the basketball teams performance against Notre Dame.

“It was a nice experience; I got to be around the coaches more, just to see some of the players that were coming in. I got to see the campus at night time and if I had to rate it, it would be an 8 out of 10.”

The Westminster product got a chance to talk with multiple current players and get some good advice from them.

“I got a chance to hang with Deon Bush, he’s the one that gave us a tour. He was telling us about how he feel at home and he told us to go where ever you feel comfortable and where you can see yourself out, to work hard and it doesn’t matter where it’s at, you just gotta ball.”

The 5’11 200 pound running back also got the chance to hangout with other Miami running backs Duke Johnson and freshman Joe Yearby.

“I know Joe (Yearby), he’s kinda cool and Duke seems pretty cool and they were just telling me I have good size and stuff.”

Cronkrite was talking with the coaches consistently throughout the day and they were emphasizing how bad they want him to be in the orange and green.

“I talked to all the coaches really, they were pretty much saying that they want me to come to Miami, but they were also saying they’ll let me take my time.”

An interesting scenario for Cronkrite is the possibility that he could join 2 other good friends at Miami with Jaquan Johnson and Tim Irvin. While it is a possibility, Cronkrite assures it’s not a done deal.

“It would be nice to play with those three guys, but I’m not really sure if we are. We haven’t really sat down and talked about it , but it would be nice to play with those two because we all have chemistry.”

The Florida State Seminoles are a school that have been on Cronkrite’s trail for quite some time and he’s looking to make it up to Tallahassee to see the campus again.

“I’ve been talking with coach (Tim) Brewster and he was excited for me to visit this weekend, but since I’m not it’s fine. When I went up, I met some of the coordinators, players and I like the campus; It’s a great place to be around.”

The Gators are another school that recently entered the ring for Cronkrite as they recently offered and it looks as if he is planning a trip to Gainesville.

“I’m still looking through their depth chart and I think I might head up for a spring practice, because I can’t head up for junior day because of practice.”

it looks like it will be a battle until the end for the South Florida speed back, as he doesn’t plan a decision any time soon.

“I’m probably want to have it by the All-Star Army game next year, around there.”

Cronkrite will be looking for two key factors in his decision, the school that can get him the most ready for the NFL and offer the earliest playing time.

“It would be just a place where I can go and play early and be seen because I’m just trying to go and get ready for the NFL.”

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Duke leaving for the NFL, Gus Edward and Dallas Crawford both suck.

Cmon man lol you ain't gotta say all that. Clearly they are not on Dukes level but they can do some good things. I do hope Yearby is the #2 RB though as he clearly is more talented than them. See how Golden operates during his time here though I don't know if it will happen. Cronkite can be special! Looks like a great all around back
I grew up with his parents. They're great people and huge Canes fans as is Jordan. FSU (and others) came on strong a lot earlier than the Canes did. Jordan was pretty upset at the time...was wanting to be a Cane and was wondering why they weren't recruiting him. This allowed FSU to get in the game. He put UM on the backburner at the time. I believe he'll be at UM in the end. We'll see. Kid has a great support system and will choose carefully.
FSU is not that much of a factor anymore as they once were especially since they still havent decided what side of the ball they envision him on. He is a Miami lean and the staff is recruiting the hell out of him and his parents. No other school is showing the type of love as Miami and he has already gone over the depth chart of the schools he is interested in with his parents and Miami is the best fit.

He is taking some advice from his coach and that is to enjoy the process a little and take some visits and see everything that you can because you only get this opportunity once. The staff would like for him to commit ASAP so that they can use him as a recruiting tool and for him to be a leader of the 2015 class. Jordans gonna play it close to the vest and not give off any kind of vibe because thats just the way he is. He has already given a few indications to his parents of where he may end up.
Duke leaving for the NFL, Gus Edward and Dallas Crawford both suck.
you're a fool, for one Gus was a freshmen last year and did more then i expected him too he was never meant to come in and make an impact he's a player that by his junior year will be a handy power back and secondly how does Dallas Crawford suck he made an excellent contribution last season he won us the game against UNC and yet he sucks? please pull your head out.
This is the type of kid you want in your program. Smart, great size, athletic, productive on both sides.

I've heard that the coaches are smitten with him.

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