Cormani McClain announces for Miami

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Thank God for Ruiz check book
Y'all got this wrong just like Gator fans and a lot of the media.

Yes, Cormani is likely getting a big NIL deal. He could get that anywhere.

It's DVD. He's the one that built the relationship with Cormani and his Mom.

Kam Kitchens' dad was on Footballville and he said DVD brought his son to Miami. He said the day before he announced his dad thought Kam was going to Auburn. Banda tried to take credit for it and his dad did an interview at that time to set the record straight. Seems like Banda took a lot of credit for DVD's work. Footballville all knew DVD had built a relationship with Cormani's mom giving her confidence in her son going to Miami.

Everyone keeps pointing to Ruiz. Yes, the money is there, but the fact is these guys could get the money anywhere. Saying it's all Ruiz is just lazy. The staff is putting in the work building relationships.

Our rival fans will just point to Miami buying players. We are competing on a level playing field that Florida, CLemson, UGA, Bama, and the rest all have. We have recruiters that can build relationships and close. That's the deal.
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