Corey Gaynor commits to Miami

Corey Gaynor commits to Miami

Peter Ariz
The Miami Hurricanes just picked up a commitment from Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS OL Corey Gaynor.


Miami offered Gaynor on Saturday prior to the game against Duke and view him as the potential center of the future. Coaches will in-home visit with him on Friday. He was previously committed to Minnesota before the game.

Multiple local coaches have described Gaynor as "nasty" and "not a guy you want to face". He joins an offensive class of Navaughn Donaldson, Zach Dykstra, and Zalon'tae Hillery. The Canes are also still heavily pursuing Kai-Leon Herbert and Tedarrell Slaton of American Heritage.


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3 star but we need these nasty o line guys...we have a bunch of soft dudes. Good for replacing some attrition that will happen.
Hear the want to groom him at centre. We need some big nasty O-Linemen.... I think he will be a good fit at C.
I like this kid's film but I am not gonna lie...I'll be disappointed if our only interior OL in this cycle are Dykstra and this kid.
He'll probably be a solid contributor as a center in year 2 or 3. Red-shirt and get your strength and weight up and then do work. Welcome to the U!
For you star whores and kids new to recruiting:

Projected centers tend to be lower ranked than tackles or even guards, this is a miami caliber recruit. Relax.
Plays like he's in a fight. We desperately need that upfront. Welcome.

Go Canes!
Wow, that kid punishes people. That is one mean MF'er. Im excited to see him develop.

I guarantee there will be some Green Tree tussles with him on the line.
This kid is filthy. He's the type of OL to make a DL quit trying.
Love the pickup. You always like lineman to play with a mean streak and he definitely does
Just saw on TOS that Herbert and Slaton are OV'ing to Miami together.
F*ck yeah! Need some bullies on the line. Throw the *s out the window this dude is mean!
Lol. Every person this dude touches ends up on their backs being piledrived into the ground. Underrated.