Christian Hackenberg- 2013 QB

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Kid Looks ALOT like Tom Brady in his mechanics....

I've seen Kevin Olsen in person and He's is the Goods. If I had to compare the two based on his film, I'd say Hack is a little more polished. However, BOTH would be tremendous gets.

I never knew regular HS kids went to that school too.
kid is a monster. I'd take him over Olsen, though its pretty clear that Olsen is the one we would appear to have a more realistic shot at
If we somehow ***** it up with Olsen...I would gladly accept 'Hack-a-defense' as a replacement.
Kid can sling it anywhere on the field. Don't like how often he is in shotgun formation though
That's what his coaches are asking him to do. It's not like he can just walk up under center and defy their play calling
Just commited to PSU....

Very nice get for the new coach... Very nice..

Olsen is a Must get... Can't miss on him.

Hack a defense to PSU? didn't really expect that....nice pick up for them.