CanesInSight Special - Carol City

CanesInSight Special - Carol City

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz

The following is a special report from Josh Darrow, former operator of as well as most recently Miami's Assistant Director of Football Operations.

By: Josh Darrow

It felt good to back on the street again yesterday as I took in the first night of the Dade County Small College Fair at Carol City High School.

Tonight, the high schools set up shop while the college coaches made the rounds watching film and assessing transcripts of unsigned prospects. The next night, the student themselves would get to meet with the colleges in hopes of finding a match for the next four years.

Of course, being at Carol City gave me the opportunity to talk with head coach Aubrey Hill about some of his top prospects, many of whom are on the board at the U.

2017 LB D’Andre Wilder

Lets just say this. If they call you Eye Candy, then you must be something worth looking at – especially if you are a college coach who makes a living evaluating talent for a living.

Hill had nothing but glowing comments for Wilder, a two sport athlete who also runs track, raving about his maturity and character off the field as much as his ability on it.

“He’s fast, athletic, and he can be very physical when he makes a tackle, so he’s very explosive,” said Hill.

Wilder carries a 2.8 GPA and already has a qualifying test score. Wilder actually was a winner of our monthly Scholar Athlete award during my time at SFHSSports, so I can attest to his high character.

Hill says a pass-rushing outside linebacker is where Wilder will excel at the next level.

2017 WR Kevaughn Dingle

Dingle exploded onto the scene two summers ago, and certainly didn’t disappoint a year ago.

A prospect who has been on the Canes radar for quite some time is Hill’s go-to playmaker.

“He’s a big bodied kid, he’s 6-2, 195 pounds, with great hands and he’s highly competitive,” Hill said. “When the ball is the air he wants to come down with it and he loves the one-on-one matchup.”

Hill also told me Dingle has a high football IQ, loves his approach to the game and describes him as a “throwback” who is a leader on the team and beloved in the school.

When evaluating talent, a college coachis going to look for specific skills that are elite as the basis for development once inside the program. For Dingle, it’s his ability to catch the ball and his competitive nature and approach to playing.

2017 DL Rashad Colson

Colson comes to Carol City via Hialeah Miami-Lakes and while Colson hasn’t put on the Chief uniform yet, his work ethic has already been evident to Hill.

The intrigue with Coslon stems from this athleticism and quick first step for a lineman who stands 6-4, 270.

“We think we have a very good player with him,” said Hill.

Sidenote: We think new DC Damon Cogdell would agree here.

2017 DB Naytron Culpepper

Culpepper comes over from American to bolster the Chief secondary.

Hill loves Culpepper’s size and length and feels like he is a guy you can line up on one side of the field and go one-on-one with the opponents best receiver.

“We think he can shut another receiver down,” said Hill. “He’s a tall, rangy kids who is very smart, very athletic and makes plays when the ball is in the air.

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With so many DB's like Culpepper ect, in SoFl over the next couple years, a lot of talent will be leaving the area and some will come back to compete against us. So happy we have a real staff and recruiting strategy to keep our share home.
Great read. The Carol City/Southridge game will be a must-see.
Will Colson get that offer?
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CC ZHU is back..The Colson kid just weighed in at 6'5 275.
Where exactly on the DL does Colson project to? 3 tech DT?

I would say Colson is a 3tech DT all day, and slides to the 1 or 0 Tech on passing downs or in speed package. But he will need a red shirt year, it will do wonders for him since he is still very raw as a dlinemen.

OP thanks for sharing, Josh Darrow knows his stuff and has always provided good incite into local SFL sports.

Go Canes