CanesInSight Chat - July 1st

CanesInSight Chat - July 1st

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz

From noon-1 p.m., I will answer team-related questions in this thread. Leave them here and I will get to them at noon.

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What are the up to date scholarship numbers, and what does that mean for the 2017 class and how many of them can be EE's?


Who are the starters as of now?
Based on your knowledge of the situation, what will the outcome of the Young/AQM debacle be?
What RB's end up in this class?

What other OL are we in the running for?
How did Jamie Gordinier look this spring? What's the depth situation now behind Quarterman?
Do you expect someone to surpass Sunny at RT? Please say yes
Any update on the Ced and Dionte situation would be much appreciated
How's the situation with Maurice Smith looking?

How's our o-line looking?? Are we putting on good weight instead of looking like Billy Bob from varsity blues??
Biggest strength as a team (besides Kaaya obviously: ?
Biggest Weakness as a team? position group or player works
Best recruiter on the coaching staff?
Break out player candidate (s)?
Biggest positive difference from last yrs staff to this yrs staff?
What's the hold up on the IPF at this point?
Do you feel like Kaaya will stay for his senior year, even if he has a good year?
Who will be doing punt and kickoff returns?
Which of the incoming freshmen players on offense have impressed you?
Any plans to schedule a home and home with UGA?
Who have emerged as vocal leaders on both offense and defense?
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Does Ahmmon Richard start opposite of coley?

Does Jamal Carter finally put it together on the field?
I know someone asked about Mo Smith transfer but what is the TARGET DATE when we should know if he is coming?
Is Sam Bruce fitting in? Can you ranked the top 6 WR In your opinion. and who starts
Which unit on defense do you expect to perform the best and or worst?
What kind of offense can we expect from Richt?
Everyone talks about the 3 freshman linebackers and I agree they are very good but the one kid that I really think could surprise is Jamie Gordinier. How is he doing?