CanesInSight - Brevin Jordan recaps ND game + talks QB Williams
  • Brevin Jordan recaps ND game + talks QB Williams

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    Miami 2018 tight end commit Brevin Jordan was in Miami this weekend to watch the Hurricanes make a statement against Notre Dame. Jordan recapped his trip with Canesinsight.

    “It was just crazy, dude – it was insane. When I committed to Miami, a lot of people were talking mess about how fans don’t go to the games, so when I went to the game yesterday it was just insane,” Jordan said. “It was so loud that your ears…you could just feel it. It was crazy.”

    “They disrespected us after we beat Virginia Tech, so the hate is for sure still real. Even though were number one or two in all these different rankings, they don't want to see Miami rise again. College football is scared to see Miami at the top,” he said.

    One of the best things about the weekend according to Jordan was being able to hang around his future teammates, which is something he is not able to normally do as a Las Vegas product.

    “I met a lot of them at The Opening, but being at the game with all of them and kicking it in the lounge with them and stuff was real cool. We all have a pretty close bond, so getting the dub yesterday and doing it like that was great,” Jordan explained.

    The Canes had a number of commits in the building for their huge win over Notre Dame, but right at the top of the priority list is QB Jarren Williams, who is UM’s top choice at quarterback for the class now.

    “Aw man, he loved it. I personally think we get him and have him in the bag. I thin we got him to be honest with you,” Jordan said about Miami’s chances of landing Williams.

    In addition to Williams, the Canes TE commit says, “the fullback Realus George is gonna commit soon.”

    Jordan has been having himself quite the season at Bishop Gorman, logging 47 receptions, 956 yards and 13 touchdowns.

    “My main motivation is just to perform to the best of my ability so I can just go and be ready. I don’t want to be the freshman that everybody questions. I want to go to Miami next year and be an absolute stud right away.”

    Jordan will be back in Coral Gables for his official visit on December 16th weekend with the rest of the Storm 18 commits and top targets. His message to Miami fans after last night?

    “The Canes fans are crazy. They’re the best fans inn college football. They’re better than Michigan fans, better than all the Florida fans. Canes fans have a different swag to them.”
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    1. ShadowSpring's Avatar
      ShadowSpring -
      Great stuff!!!
    1. motorcitycane's Avatar
      motorcitycane -
      Storm 18 is about to be insane after this 11+ win season dawg
    1. Dy-lan's Avatar
      Dy-lan -
      J Williams in the bag? Great news on this glorious Sunday.

      Side note: not sure how many ppl saw but in B Jordan's last game he landed scary awkward on a play in the endzone so glad it didn't turn out to be a sever injury.
    1. valid's Avatar
      valid -
      spoken like a true hurricane.
    1. HurriCaned's Avatar
      HurriCaned -
      These recruits have to be counting down the days until they get on campus, This feels like the beginning of another 30 for 30 series and who wouldnt wanna be a part of that! Good look to Brevin! Keep doing your thang out there Cane!
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      Lester Burnham -
    1. Lester Burnham's Avatar
      Lester Burnham -
    1. smack99's Avatar
      smack99 -
      Getting all them croots!!!
    1. Official Cane Gang's Avatar
      Official Cane Ga... -

      Can you comment on Geo saying Emory Jones taking a visit to Miami too?
    1. CanEs4life04's Avatar
      CanEs4life04 -
      This year's DJ Dallas. He's an out of state kid who has always wanted to be a Cane and is a true embodiment of what it means to be a Miami guy.

      He will have an immediate impact.
    1. Mahoney-Pearson's Avatar
      Mahoney-Pearson -
    1. grover's Avatar
      grover -
      CanEs4life04 said: View Post
      This year's DJ Dallas. He's an out of state kid who has always wanted to be a Cane and is a true embodiment of what it means to be a Miami guy.

      He will have an immediate impact.
      Deejay Dallas and DJ Johnson
    1. Dan Sileo JR's Avatar
      Dan Sileo JR -
      No question about it, Brevin's my favorite recruit this year. Intelligent leader type. Doesn't hurt that he's simply the best TE in the country too
    1. Peter Ariz's Avatar
      Peter Ariz -
      Official Cane Gang said: View Post

      Can you comment on Geo saying Emory Jones taking a visit to Miami too?
      This is not true. Miami hasn’t had contact with Jones since last year.
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      jocane36 -
      Str8 up LV Swag....
    1. IndayArtHauz's Avatar
      IndayArtHauz -
      Kid has been my favorite croot since the very first interview I read, talking up TEU and being as real as you can expect from a teenager. I love Njoku early on and this kid could exceed his production if not outright athleticism. He is PRIMED to be a lifelong member of the Canes family.
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      Gator Hatar -
      I like he didn't drop hints. In his opinion Williams and George will be committing.
    1. JMG's Avatar
      JMG -
      Gotta love this kid’s heart and where his mind is.

      Excited about the future of this program! Really hope we can land Jarren Williams I think he’s a baller and will help push Kosi to get better.
    1. canesthing3's Avatar
      canesthing3 -
      Love Brevin, gonna be a day 1 stud and the next great 1 out of TEU. He was money on George, have to like our chances with Williams.
    1. F1Cane's Avatar
      F1Cane -
      I live near Bishop Gorman and sometimes go to the games with a kid I coached there awhile back in baseball and have seen this kid play. He's a beast. BG has been one of the top schools in the country in the past decade and they crank out top college players. A few have gone to the nfl. They got the best practice and workout facility on the west coast.

      Having a kid like him will help the canes recruit other top Gorman kids. Most of the best ones go to USC, UCLA, Texas, and Ohio State.