CanesInSight - Miami targeting 2018 WR Jatavious Harris (Ga.)
  • Miami targeting 2018 WR Jatavious Harris (Ga.)


    Although Mark Richt's recruiting pull in the state of Georgia is only tangible with Deejay Dallas and Zalon'tae Hillery at the moment, inroads are already being made with one of the state's top receivers in the 2018 recruiting class, Jatavious Harris (6-3, 185)

    Harris has a plethora of schools on his trail such as Florida, Tennessee, UGA, South Carolina, and Auburn, but only one coach dropped by his school last month -- that was Miami wide receivers coach Ron Dugans.

    "That showed me a lot -- that I'm a priority to them. It means a lot to me and I'm already taking it into consideration," Harris said.

    "He always gives off a good vibe. I've been around him twice and he is always smiling. He's a good mentor and a good coach on-and-off the field," he added.

    Harris visited Miami once from November 4th-6th for the game against Pittsburgh. His next trip to Coral Gables will likely be for Paradise Camp in July.

    Canes 2017 commit Deejay Dallas has been actively recruiting Harris for the 2018 class -- and it seems like it's working.

    "That's my dawg right there. He always gets me pumped up when I talk to him. He told me I have to go out with a bang my senior year and then represent when I'm in Miami," he said.

    Harris on Dallas: "Everybody I talk to about him, loves him. You don't have an option but to respect him."

    Harris added that "education" is an important aspect of his decision for his family and that it will be a "big part" of where he wants to go.

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      Reminds me of Holloman without the ghey streak, the leeching colostomy bag brother, and the scumbag wheeler dealer mom.

      Holloman told this kid on twitter don't commit to Miami, I was going to but didn't and to ask the coaches why he didn't. So we got that going for us which is nice
      You completely misunderstood Holloman's post he was telling someone that was commenting on Jatavious Harris's wall "don't do that" because they were calling him a troll and then he explained that he was seriously considering Miami and it just didn't work out. He never told Harris not to commit to Miami.