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    Miamiís need for cornerbacks in the 2017 class seems to be quickly dwindling, as Mark Richt and his staff reeled in a must-get local target on Monday afternoon.

    Four-star Christopher Columbus CB Trajan Bandy informed last night that he would be announcing his college choice today Ė and he did just that. Bandy marked Miami's third commitment in less than 24 hours.

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      Oh hell yeahhhhhh
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      Oh shizznit we bike
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      yip yip!
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      Nice, he pretty much locked up Henderson . Now we need to stay on Donaldson and Ford
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      Time to eat.
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      hugeeeeee get..
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      **** all the dB's who told us bno because we got a beast!!!!
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      Chips keep falling in place!
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      Miami is going to dominate on Defense real soon. It has been too long.
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      One more time

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      Chris Henderson and Bandy trolling the hell out of OU. Tagged Bob Stoops in a pic of Bandy throwing up the U in an OU shirt lol.

      Don't know if it's called for but that's high level trolling.
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      The Franchise -
      He always was a Miami Hurricane. It just took Richt a couple months to realize it.
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      It's great to be a Miami Hurricane!!!!