Canes Recruiting Video Countdown #2- Sean Taylor

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Holy **** at the hurdle jump td run! And the Int td at the end was sick. Just wow..
Possibly, there were people who actually thought he was NFL ready out of high school.
Im speechless. Great song to go with his highlights as well. I say is Duke Johnson or DJ Williams # 1. I believe Mcgahee was injured his Sr year so hes out of the equation
LoL Half of that highlight is against Chaminade. I believe Beason is in there as well.
Sick highlights, can't believe he wasn't ranked higher coming out of HS
Great work D on all of these videos. I hope in 5-10 years we will be scrounging for unseen Duke, Chick and Perryman videos because they brought us back to the promise land.
Ahh man still can't believe he's gone..
I dont care if you have Michael Jeffrey Jordan's highlights from the '92 season, they wouldn't be better than that reel IMO. COT ****, that's a ball player.

I will never blaspheme and compare anyone to the late great but it is these highlights make me re-affirm my opinion that we need to play Rayshawn Jenkins at S, first. Playmakers on O, have a natural instinct for the ball. I am anxious to see how Jenkins hits.
wow. amazing. I need to watch that at least once a day for about a year or two. Dude was a ball hawk on D and had a nose for the end zone with the ball in his hands.
Great videos, Horrible noise. Cant call it music.Thanks for posting them though.
Watching this video makes me wish horrible things on the people who took him away from us.

**** this kid was nice **** **** **** ******* ******** whatever happened to those pos's they get prison time?
His HS film looks like '03 FSU. Unreal talent.