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Burgess-Becker comfortable on either side of the ball

Burgess-Becker comfortable on either side of the ball

Peter Ariz
2015 Monarch ATH Shawn Burgess-Becker is in the midst of leading his school to their most successful season of all-time. After starting the year 7-0, the team dropped an overtime thriller to Deerfield Beach last week, but can clinch a playoff spot with a win over South Plantation on Friday.

“People didn’t think we would have a good season like we did last year. Everybody has just been working together as a team after the tough loss last week,” said Burgess-Becker.

Something that stands out when watching the versatile athlete is how technically sound he is when making a tackle.

“Last year, I had a big habit of just hitting and not wrapping up so a lot of tackles were missed. Over the summertime, I worked with my DB coach on wrapping up. If I have the chance, I’ll try to knock somebody’s head off, but I just want to make the tackle.”

Burgess-Becker is a top prospect at either receiver or safety and he is willing to play either spot at the next level.

“I really don’t know which position I want to play. Wherever a feel teams comfortable with me playing, I’ll put my heart into it and make the best out of it.”

The Monarch athlete released a top 5 (no order) last night of Miami, Florida, Florida State, Alabama, and LSU.

“All those schools are up there and even for me and nobody is leading.”

After this week’s ruling from the NCAA, Burgess-Becker sees a particularly bright future for the Miami program.

“I could just see them going far and having a better season each and every year now that all of that stress is off of them. They can just focus on winning games and getting to that next top level.”

Is Miami’s success this season a surprise to him?

“No, no, no, that’s not a surprise at all to me. Al Golden has stuck with UM and everyone has performed how they’re supposed to. When you do your job, that is what happens and you have a great season.”

Multiple coaches from Miami have been handling the recruitment of the top 2015 recruit.

“Me and Al Golden talk over Twitter a lot. I talk with James Coley and Coach (Larry) Scott too along with some other guys.”

A key in the recruitment of Burgess-Becker will be trying to land his close friend and teammate, Calvin Ridley. Ridley is a premier prospect for the 2015 class as well.
“Me and Calvin grew up playing football since we were like very young. We are very close friends so I’m quite sure it can happen.”

**SBB plans to make it to the Virginia Tech game on November 9th. He will be in Orlando visiting family this weekend.

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I wanted Ridley badly before but if that means it can lock up SBB then wow! Next years class has me hyped!
Ridley's not a bad player, based on the offers that he have now, why not offer him if there is a possibility of landing him and Burgess-Becker.
Ridley's not a bad player, based on the offers that he have now, why not offer him if there is a possibility of landing him and Burgess-Becker.

Looks and produces like more than "not a bad player" IMO. I'd bet he will get his offer.
Ridley is an explosive player at WR. SBB says he'll play DB if that's where a team wants him. We'll need Safeties for 2015 class so its a worth while 2 for.
Size on this kid? Does he run track?

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