BTW QB Harris open to playing slot

BTW QB Harris open to playing slot

Peter Ariz
Booker T. Washington QB Treon Harris will be entering his senior season looking to cap off one of the most prolific careers in South Florida history. The F-5 signal-caller has big goals ahead.

“It feels like it went by fast, but I’m excited and looking forward to it. We want a national championship this year,” said Harris.

Harris is planning a tour of multiple in-state schools.

“I’m going to just be in Florida for Florida State, South Florida, and Miami.”

Ole Miss, Boston College, Arizona, Tennessee, Florida State, Central Florida, and South Florida are recruiting Harris as a quarterback, but Miami is looking at him elsewhere and he has decided he will still consider the ‘Canes.

“They’re recruiting me as a slot and they want me on their team as an athlete out there. I’m open to it.”

Treon is the brother of former Miami CB and current Houston Texans defensive back, Brandon Harris.

“He gives me great advice and it makes me want to get where he’s at too.”

**Harris is not planning on camping at Miami and said, “I’ll just go there one day.”

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Finally he's realizing he has a higher ceiling receiving or defending the ball than dishing it out.
Or a school high on your list just keeps it real with you and doesn't all.
We have loads of receivers, unless we have a massive fail at receiver this year, I'd rather him at DB
Bring him in as a WR/athlete and give him a definite position later
honestly the way he runs with the ball he would be a good slot receiver just like his brother collier
Yeah, I think he is an offensive kid. He might even be the kind of kid you shirt and put some muscle on. I like him with the ball in his hands, i think the DB thing is just because Brandon was pretty darn good at CB
He can play QB in college, it just won't help him if his goal is the NFL. Why not start the process sooner?
I want Treon in this class. This kid is a leader, a winner, a playmaker, and a helluva football player. He can make an impact in so many different ways and IMO this kid has a higher upside as a corner than Lammons.

This kid could've told Miami to kick rocks but he didn't. I just hope the staff recruits him hard and keeps him home.
im sure brandon gave him a talk about reality on his height! treon has the goods and im pretty sure he ends up in miami
I always say that if it takes you playing qb to get to the league no matter the switch do it... He's an athlete but if he wants to try to play qb more power to him... To be honest we don't know how good he'll be if he played db or wr... We can say Denard cost himself millions but did he really? Would he last an entire season at rb or safety? We never know... Similar to Armanti Edwards, Randal El, and Kordell Stewart... Those guys were athletes playing qb who got their opportunity to play wideout in the NFL but were either average or below average wideouts... If a guy played a position their entire life I don't think an automatic switch will enable them to be efficient at their new position as they were at their previous position... No matter what I wish the kid luck and hope he does well... I have great respect for his father and his efforts in the community...
I really don't see a problem with him competing at qb... If he gets beat out reality will set in and he'll change positions... I don't think he wants a guarantee starting spot but he wants a guaranteed opportunity to compete...
Real good to hear. He's a playmaker when he has the ball so I think WR would be a good spot for him. The staff definitely should keep in contact.
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kid is dangerous with ball in his hands just like Pimp.

He has good size as a slot...hes a definite leader and winner...i like bringing guys in like this ( think Duke)

I'd take the kid with open aa big fan of keeping the big time productive guys locally ill take guys like Treon Harris,Winky Flowers, the kid from Deerfield Beach Brandon Powell every year.

I think the kid really wants to be a cane...
Harris doesn't get enough credit for being a smart player. He runs the show at Booker T. to perfection.

This is pure projection, but I like him at CB. Good size at 5'11, 185 to go along with excellent feet.