Bethel II staying focused on season

Bethel II staying focused on season

Peter Ariz
Playing on the top team in the country usually comes with a lot of pressure, but Booker T. Washington CB Nigel Bethel II insists his team isn’t caught up in the hype.

“We’re just coming out to work. Nobody really talks about the rankings. We just want to come out and go undefeated and dominate everybody with the offense putting up 40 points a game and then pitch a shutout every game of the season,” said Bethel.

The Tornadoes will face an electric offense this week in the Jackson Generals, who are led by Quinton Flowers and Jovon Durante.

“There really isn’t a game plan, we just need to stop him like last year. We beat them 39-0 last year, so we’re trying to beat that score this year like 55-0. It’s about stopping him first because once we attack him, they’ll break down.”

A teammate of Bethel’s that has made an impact this season is Miami commit Demetrius Jackson, who is playing his first season of football. Although many have been surprised at Jackson’s quick transition, but Bethel isn’t one of those people.

“I just seen him since spring in the weight room before and after practice just getting his body right. He’s one of the hardest working d-linemen we have and at the same time he’s very humble and quiet. I haven’t been surprised at him because I would always tell him like sophomore year, ‘Bruh, you gotta play ball,’ and he’d say ‘Man, I’m a basketball player’. He just came to football and he’s seen how his life has changed quick.”

The Miami commit Bethel was in Utah over the weekend for an official visit.

“It was a straight trip. I just went out there with my teammates Deltron Hopkins and Lamar Parker. It was a great experience because it was my first time being in Utah ever and I’ve never been that far away from Florida. I just wanted to hang out and take some visits because I already know I’m 100%, but I have never really experienced traveling before.”

Miami has made it an emphasis to lock down South Florida in recruiting, which is something Bethel is pleased with.

“We got everybody we want right now. We’ve stacked all the talent, we just gotta work on keeping everybody committed. Once our class gets in there, it’s gonna be rolling.”

Miami’s win over UF helped validate Bethel’s thoughts about the direction of the program.

“The coaching staff just gave me a great bond and I feel like those will be the coaches to develop me to get to the next level. I feel like that win solidified that the program is going in a totally different direction and The U is back.”

**Here are Bethel’s personal bests in track:
100M – 10.67
200M – 21.1
400M – 49.5

**A very encouraging sign: He is now weighing 181

**Who is the toughest receiver he’s faced in high school?

Freshman year- CJ Gaines (Central, Louisville), Sophomore year- Amari Cooper (Northwestern, Alabama), Junior/Senior year - Da’Vante Phillips (Central)

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"We've got everyone we want right now"

Does this mean I don't have to make a thread a week crying about Dalvin Cook?
I think we've avoided the shuffles around signing day because we build classes with such cohesion. That internal pressure can keep guys from wavering.

Bethel is a shining example of that trend. Not only supremely talented, but fiercely loyal.
This kid knows his ****... We are going to be real good, real, real good!
Looks like we picked the right year to get back into Booker T!
if cook doesnt wanna come to Miami, **** it. We got Yearby, simple as that
I must admit I wasnt a fan of Bethel early in the process. Thought he was too small, didnt have long arms, and would have a tough time against big receivers. He has definitely grown on me this season. Holding his own against DPhillips impressed me alot. This kid can be a balla here. I like his attitude as well. Glad he is apart of this class.
Bethel has the speed and skills, but more importantly he has the confidence and competitive attitude. We ain't done yet though!!! Moten DT, Dixon WR and Alique Terry G (we need a short bulldog guard) and another safety. As opposed to Cook I would like to see us flip D. Phillips.

Add Javon Durante and D. Peete (15') and ohhh my lauddd! Run the pro spread with the likes of H. Waters, Malcolm Lewis, D. Griffin. Lockley, Stacey Coley, T. Gray (Boldin Clone), D. Langham..........wish list: Dixon, D. Phillips! Come on Playaz! What defense would wanna see all that skill coming at them?
Nigel Bethel: "UM coaches don't think much of me taking visits because they know I’m a 100% Miami boy."