Article: Random thoughts...Institutional control?

Article: Random thoughts...Institutional control?

Random Thoughts… Emmert should step down | Feb. 18

2/18/13: The ncaa (national colleges against athletes) announced today the firing of Julie Roe Lach, vice president of enforcement. Mark Emmert, president of the association, admitted to "missteps" and "insufficient oversight" in its investigation of the University of Miami's athletics department.

Emmert was quoted by ESPN as saying "This is something that's an embarrassment to the association and our staff." Despite these admissions of improper and possibly illegal conduct, the ncaa (national colleges against athletes) said they would continue the investigation of Miami.

Late this evening, Dr. Donna Schalala, president of the university, fired back for the first time in the two and a half year investigation.

"The lengthy and already flawed investigation has demonstrated a disappointing pattern of unprofessional and unethical behavior. By the NCAA leadership's own admission, the University of Miami has suffered from inappropriate practices by NCAA staff. There have also been damaging leaks to the media of unproven charges. Regardless of where blame lies internally with the NCAA, even one individual, one act, one instance of malfeasance both taints the entire process and breaches the public's trust."

To READ Dr. Schalala’s entire statement:

Why did it take so long for the ncaa to uncover these acts of unethical and illegal behavior? And these admission do not include other charges of felony extortion by Ms. Molly Richman, an ncaa attorney of the Miami case. Ms. Richman sent a letter to former UM coaches and players extortion their cooperation or be deemed guilty of all allegations against them. It’s been reported that the attorney generals of both Indiana and Florida are looking into these allegations. It’s possible for indictments to be handed down as a result.

Ms. Lach must be accountable for her actiions. However, it appears they are not a single act and that more ncaa officials were involved. The court of public opinion is forming. Mr. Mark Emmert must take responsibility for the trail of misconduct that has now run for two and a half years.

Mr. Emmert should step down immediately. It is quite clear he has lost “institutional control” of his association.

To READ ESPN’s article…



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Click on the link to Donna's statement. I love how UM drops a JPEG of the lake on that *****... its like **** you, we have zero ***** to give and you're in Indianapolis and we're still in paradise.

**** you NCAA.
Good stuff Tex. This shouldve been done well over a year ago. Their illegal practices and witch hunt made this "investigation" last way longer than it should have. We had to sit back while they investigated themselves. Now, he expects us to sit back and wait longer? EAD Emmert
F*** the NCAA they have way too much power and the abuse of it