Article: Lawrence Cager commits to Miami (Video)

Article: Lawrence Cager commits to Miami (Video)

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz

Miami’s recruiting class got a boost today with 4-star WR Lawrence Cager committing to the Canes during the 2nd quarter of the U.S. Army All-American Game on NBC.

Cager is a big-bodied receiver from Towson, MD, who has tremendous body control and ability to snag the ball at its highest point.

Cager chose Miami over Alabama, but I am told it is still likely he visits ‘Bama. He is scheduled to visit Miami on the weekend of January 26th.

I will have a full interview with Cager up later this week, so stay tuned for that.

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Where did this come from? I didn't see him on any of the recruiting charts as interested in the U.
Nice get solid addition to wr corps. With that said. **** al golden
Guess I wasn't paying attention to the WR spot. Rivals showed him having high interest in Miami. I have been completely focused on defensive recruits. I would like to see some major commitments from defensive players, especially DL, ILB, and DB.
According to the TV announcers, Kaaya played a big role in recruiting. The frosh QB would probably be a better coach that Golden.
Didn't look sad throwing up the U after that deep TD grab.
Cage did the peanut butter and jelly dance after the TD.

Miami dance with a little swag, I love it.
An he just scored a big time TD for the east squad. He is #14. We will have to see how his concussion issues are handled. It is a good thing UM has a new concussion program in place.

I still think this kid is a very high risk vs high reward scholarship offer, but as long as UM his running only certain routes that minimize big hit exposure he could turn out to be steal for as long as UM can keep him healthy an concussion free.

Also I am sure he probably gave heavy consideration to locale in terms of if/when he has to give up playing due to repeated concussions, where would he want to finish college on a medical scholarship living in sunny south Florida or Tuscaloosa? An keep in mind Saban is known for flat out cutting players loose completely for nonperformance so this kid could out of an degree all together if he went to bama an had to give up football.

Go Canes
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Dude looked so sad picking us

I thought the same thing at first. He seemed to peek up a bit later though. IDK, but last night he's telling everyone Alabama, and then this morning it's Miami. Seems like something is going on, curious to see if he sticks.