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Article: Episode 2 Starring Larry, Tano & DMoney

Article: Episode 2 Starring Larry, Tano & DMoney



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Tano, D-Money, and Larry talk about this past weekend's NFL Draft and look ahead to 2013's prospects from the Miami Hurricanes. Also, Phil aka HTown stops by brings us inside the War Room of an NFL team this past weekend. Duval starts Tender Loving Tuesday early and Venice has some shout outs and call outs.

Comments (8)

I was screaming for Lamar to go to San Fran. I was really disappointed when he didn't go there. thought for sure they'd grab him
Dan, agreed, crickets was classic!

Larry, Tano and D$, thanks for taking the time to put together the podcast. Great stuff. I can't wait to hear the breakdown once we get into late September.
Great cast and the stuff from HTown was very interesting.
Great cast and the stuff from HTown was very interesting.

We had a lot of really good talk that was on the cutting room floor because it named names and what not, but really good convo all around. Tano, D, HTown, and I ended up bullshitting for damn near 2 hours with lots of awesome draft tidbits from all over the place.
Good stuff as always, guys. I especially like the outro with the wild south boys....classic.
Thanks good info. I will give my two cents though and say that I know you want to keep your names private, but I think you guys should use your real names. I know Tano did, but it's kinda funny to hear analysis of a draft from guys using a poster name. But good job on the podcast.