Article: CaneHunt ’14: RB UPDATE | Sony Michel - new leaders?

Article: CaneHunt ’14: RB UPDATE | Sony Michel - new leaders?

According to 247Sports, 2014 RB Sony Michel has two schools leading his recruitment, Georgia and Notre Dame, with Miami, FSU and UF still in the mix.

However, InsideTheU reports that Sony states a final five of Miami, FSU, Notre Dame, Georgia and Florida. Miami has been recruiting Sony since the 8th grade and has visited the Coral Gables campus numerous times unofficially.

Speaking of long recruitments, Dawgs247 reported recently that Georgia has been recruiting Sony hard for two to three years. This methodology worked for them in the recruitment of Keith Marshall and Isaiah Crowell.

Finally, Michel has also stated, in an interview for GatorBait, that he wants to make his commitment before his senior season so that he can concentrate on winning a state championship and leave his legacy.

It’s a long, long way to NSD!


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If he leaves he is as dead to me as MT. Notre dame? Have fun with that dude
It seem strange to me were and how Georgia came out the blue. I strongly think he will be a cane I feel like he just randomly add Georgia. So it seem like competition for him.
If Georgia is in the lead, its not about PT...
It's like Georgia came out of no where he well be a cane.
Hey texcane. No where in the 247 article did Sony say he has a top 2. You are mistaken.
A couple quotes from the article

The Hurricanes have long been after Michel, creating a strong relationship. On this day, he just so happened to cross paths with one of Miami’s top offensive weapons - a person he has a strong bond with already.
“It’s the whole school and just having that connection from the eighth grade, it’s still there,” Michel said of Miami. “As a matter of fact, just a little while ago I seen Duke [Johnson]. We were just talking, nothing too much about Miami, he’s just out here showing me love, so that’s a positive.”

Depth charts frequently plays a role in the decision making process for recruits. They factor into Michel’s recruitment as well, but not the way most would expact.
“I want to go into a school that already has a big running back that I can go and compete and know I’m actually working for my spot,” Michel said. “Just like Miami back then. They had three or four running backs and probably all of them made it to the league - [Willis] McGahee, when they had Frank Gore, all of them on the same team. That’s the type of situation I want to be in.”
Georgia did NOT "come out of nowhere". They´ve been on him hard for years. But all we ever talk about is a kid´s attitude towards us, so we didn´t know/hear it.
If anything is off here it is that ND is his leader with UGA, when he has said before that UM and UGA were his top two. If anybody came out of nowhere it was ND IMO.
Georgia has been on his radar for awhile. He's said before he likes how they play young running backs and he loves the way their running backs compete... Hopefully he becomes a Cane though because that kid is a stud. Competition with with Duke and Yearby sounds good to me though.
Well, UGA showcased two freshmen running backs last year. Barring injury, they have two more seasons in the program, meaning Sonny would be hard pressed to see meaningful playing time as a freshman. That doesn't count backs brought in with latest class. And their longtime recruiting coordinator, Rodney Garner, recent left for Auburn. Not saying Georgia isn't a strong option, but maybe not as strong as made out to be.
I would be shocked if this kid played games or was manipulated like Charlie Pride. I believe he will stick with his commitment unless something crazy happens at that school.
We need this kid. Duke, Gus, Yearby, is Sony a **** good stable. Add in Dillard and possibly Corn Elder and I think thats a pretty competitive group.
Lets be real its a UGA and UM battle and it will come down to this summer visits so right now who leads doesnt matters its about who wins in the summer that will get Sony to commit