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Ahmmon Richards 2016 Freshman All-American Highlights!

Ahmmon Richards 2016 Freshman All-American Highlights!


This is my first time making a highlight tape. I really enjoyed making this for one of my favorite players on the team. After a great Freshman season I hope to see him take another step forward in 2017. Enjoy!

Comments (17)

No doubt, this cat is Mr MIA.... When he completes the off season training - lookout!!!

This would have been my pick for MVP this year for sure.
still baffles me how that one handed catch against Pitt wasn't a td
Nice job on the video. Richards is redic. It will be interesting to see where he ranks amongst all the former Miami WR's when it's all said done. He will be out of here in 2 years.
that video did not do him justice . . . he deserves better
Best freakin' feel on comebacks in forever around here. Ridiculous talent.

South Florida guy who stayed home and likely will be a 1st rounder. Should be showered with praise wherever he goes in Miami.