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5-Star Thomas Has No Leader

5-Star Thomas Has No Leader

Peter Ariz
Booker T. Washington 5-Star Linebacker Matthew Thomas spoke with CanesInSight after a 32-6 victory over Miami Northwestern.


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Miami Hurricane

Love his attitude, Leave me alone I just want to play football
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Ha. Pesky interview.

Did he say "i'm probably gonna go to that place?" I guess he meant he was going to take a look at UM.
Well, that's better news than hearing that he's all-Nole.
Yeah, he definitely seemed annoyed by the recruiting questions, but I thank you for your effort in trying to get him to talk about it.
Ha. Pesky interview.

Did he say "i'm probably gonna go to that place?" I guess he meant he was going to take a look at UM.

I took that to mean that's probably where I'm going to school... The wa he said it...
He also definitely said "I'm probably going to go up there and play" clearly referring to Miami.

That should allow those of you that put way too much on every word these kids say to rest easy for a week or two.
Noles think all our top guys are theirs for the taking.Inferiority complex much?Hate them bitches with a passion
Ha. Pesky interview.

Did he say "i'm probably gonna go to that place?" I guess he meant he was going to take a look at UM.

He said "I'm probably gonna go there and play" and yes he was talking about Miami

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I tried my best to get the FSU thing out of him because he has publicly stated multiple times over the last month that they are his leader... I think his comments were a good sign overall.
FSU got 5 recruits from South Florida the past 4 years. 3 of which Randy never offered because he is a dumb ass. Golden has shut out FSU altogether.

Xavier Rhodes - Shammin didn't want. Was a WR at Norland but Shammin never even visited his high school alma mater.

Lemarcus Joyner - had a nasty fall out with Miami coaches supposedly. Went with FSU and is their resident leader in negative recruiting. Randy supposedly said he was too small to play safety and too slow to play CB. Go figure.

Davonta Freeman -Miami never offered for some reason. Shammin didn't even know this kid existed. Same thing with Giovanni Bernard who is tearing it up at UNC.

Bobby Hart - Shammin like to recruiting players when they committed elsewhere instead of trying to flip them. Moron.

Rashard Greene - had a Miami offer. Shammin had only one commit by December. Got canned and the kid chose FSU. Do not blame him at all. Dorset just wanted to be a cane and we are lucky he bleeds Miami.

That's about it. FSU was supposed to get

Tracy Howard
Malcolm Lewis

They are shut out now.
They're not "shut out". Too many kids down there to say that. They'll still get a few, but their little run of dominance is over, that's for sure.
Peter, Peter, Peter....you gotta ask them questions with confidence B.

just kidding....nice job.
FSU always got players here with Amato, but they weren't always the best players. This isn't the old days, there are scholarship limits so we cant take all SoFla kids. Actually, we use to recruit from SoFla to NY.
Can't wait to see what the little noles will say when he and Sony commit to Miami. I will be LMAO. :quag:
This is last years Tracy Howard with me. What I mean is he is a must get and I personally follow his recruitment closely!
His recruitment is not for the recruiting faint of heart.

Gotta add that anyone who doesn't think he trolls the **** out of interviewers is crazy.

"I don't want to talk about recruiting"

"How's recruiting?"

"Good. I don't want to talk about it."

"So....how's recruiting?"
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