4-Star DE Chantz Williams Likes Miami And Coach Simpson

4-Star DE Chantz Williams Likes Miami And Coach Simpson

Chantz Williams, the 6’4’’ 227 pound defensive end out of Oakleaf High School, just made the trip down from Jacksonville to Miami for Paradise Camp.

“I think I did pretty well, especially with the new coach. I was trying to take in what he was telling me. I was trying to bring what I already had to the table and combine the two. That's what I feel like I did best.”

This offseason has been very productive for Williams as he has improved in many different aspects of his game.

“Mostly I’ve improved my size and my strength. Being able to use that. Being more explosive with my hips. A quicker first step. Faster pass rush moves. Better disengagement to get off the block and make better tackles.”

Williams has set the bar very high for himself this year and plans on striking fear into the eyes of his opponents.

“My goal this season is to lead my team and the state in sacks. Anything that I can do to be the best force possible. I want teams to see me and be scared. I want them to be like ****, I’ve got to go against him?”

Miami has been recruiting Williams hard for quite some time now. Add the fact he has family in Miami and the Hurricanes are in a really good position.

“Well first off, Miami has always been a local favorite I guess you could say. I grew up with a lot of family down here so I’ve always been in Miami. And then on top of that when they are telling me that I am the top in the 2020 cycle, that they really want me, telling me all the things I can improve on, and basically being like a second family. That’s how they treat me, like I’m already on the team. That’s what I like about Miami.”

Williams’ recruitment is being led by a two man team of Coach Hartley and Coach Simpson. Williams talks with these two a lot and has a good relationship with them both. Williams has not known Coach Simpson for a long time, but he already feels like Simpson is a better teacher than Coach Kuligowski.

“Coach Simpson is way more technical in my opinion. He works on every last detail to ensure good results from the D-Line.”

While Williams does go to the same high school that Shaq Quarterman went to, Shaq is not really pushing for him to go to Miami. Miami is recruiting Williams hard, but so are Florida, Georgia, and Clemson. While Florida is pushing for Williams, he did choose to be at Miami on both days of Paradise Camp and not stop at Florida’s “Friday Night Lights” event. Williams was impressed by Miami in 2017, but sees an even better year for Miami in 2018 - including a playoff appearance. Williams doesn’t know when he will make a commitment, but he plans on releasing a top 5 after his junior season.

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Interesting comment about Simpson and Kulilowski. Think Kul may be lazy in many facets, not only recruiting.
Interesting comment about Simpson and Kulilowski. Think Kul may be lazy in many facets, not only recruiting.
When reading the reports of nfl draft scouts who reviewed our film a lot on our dline they would always say how raw our guys was even after 2 years of coach kool and I always thought that was pretty interesting.
Simpson sounds like an upgrade across the board
He is and that's the big secret for now. Once this season gets going and people see for themselves what a technical wizard Simpson is, the recruits will take notice as will everyone else. The Richter pulled an ace card out with this hire.

NFL coaches don't just bring a high school coach on board because they like the guys personality. Simpson is a master of his craft and he could have stuck around the NFL but Richt convinced him that UM was his best opportunity. Many here were a bit slow to catch on partly because they still had the taste of coach Stool's bathwater in their mouths. Coach Simpson will recruit with passion and bring an autists attention to detail to the defensive line. Things we could never get out of that lazy, entitled primadonna Stool.