3-star ATH Good details his commitment to Miami, next steps from here

3-star ATH Good details his commitment to Miami, next steps from here

Stefan Adams
On his first trip to Miami’s campus last Wednesday, Lake Brantley 3-star ATH Damarius Good wanted to see if he felt comfortable enough in Coral Gables to spend the next four years there. And it didn’t take long for him to decide Miami was the place for him, as Good committed to the staff before leaving, becoming UM’s 12th pledge in Surge19.

“It was good, I’m excited about it,” said Good on his big moment. “The coaches were happy I could see. I told coach Mark Richt first, then he took me into the office with the other coaches.”

The unofficial visit was a family affair, as Good brought along his mother, sister, girlfriend, and her mom as well. It seemed like it was unanimous that the Canes hit a home run with the Good family.

“They all loved it,” Good said on his family’s impression of the UM visit. “It was good, we just walked around and toured everything. We ended the tour talking to the coaches in coach Richt’s office. We got to talk to the counselors, trainers, coaches.”

One of the big factors in Good choosing the Canes was the comfortability with the academics and class sizes that Miami is able to offer being a private institution.

“First of all, it was the academics, and the classroom sizes were a big thing to me. It’s a smaller environment to learn in, like a regular high school class, so I thought it’d be easier for me,” Good said. “One thing they told me is that alumni can come back and still have their scholarship [honored]. If someone leaves early to the NFL, they can come back to get their degree and still have their scholarship. I liked that too.”

Another factor? The coaching staff at Miami.

“The coaches too. I got to talk to coach Banda again and also met coach Rumph,” Good said. “I love those guys.”

To many recruits, a commitment is just about holding a spot in the class while looking around at other options. But Good doesn’t see anybody surpassing the Canes in the future and just wants to focus on his senior season.

“Right now, I don’t think anyone’s going to be able to top Miami.”

How about if other big offers come in? Is there one powerhouse school that would make Good think twice if they offered?

“No sir, not really. It’s a relief to be done.”

While Good hasn’t been able to meet anyone from Surge19 so far, a certain tight end from the Tampa-area has already reached out to welcome him aboard.

“Larry Hodges texted me and told me ‘Welcome to the family’,” Good said. “It seems like we have a good class. I can try to help add more guys. I lot of the guys I know don’t have an offer from Miami though, so it’s hard.”

Right now, UM is projecting to play Good at corner, however, Good doesn’t have much experience at the position, as he’s primarily been an option QB/RB for Lake Brantley. He’ll be focusing on corner for his upcoming senior season and plans to spend his off-season getting more comfortable at the position.

“I think I’m going to work on my footwork, my technique,” Good said of his off-season. “Because I’ve got the speed and physicality, I just need to work on those things and get used to playing corner.”

So, what kind of player are the Canes getting with Damarius Good?

“Smart, physical, and fast.”

Coming into Miami, Good feels like he has much to learn and hopes to spend his freshman year soaking up as much information from the upperclassmen as possible.

“Have fun and learn from all the older guys,” Good said of his freshman season expectations. “The team is really good, so I just want to learn as much as I can from them.”

And his message for Canes fans out there?

“Go Canes and it’s all about the U.”


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Seems like a bright kid with a lot of potential. My only concern is his position coach, Coach Rumph, met him for the first time on his visit. I know Banda saw this kid live but Rumph should also see this kid live before allowing him to commit. Especially a dude with no CB film... oh well! Hope this kid blows up!
With the Good commit, it’s all about potential and upside. I don’t think Rumph evaluating him as a cornerback really adds much value since he’s never played the position before. What matters are his speed, hips, flexibility, aggressiveness, burst, football intelligence, character, team spirit and judgment. Good seems to have all those traits Richt is looking for. I can see why Banda wanted him .
What's Rumph gonna evaluate? He's not playing CB.

All you can observe at this point is his size/athleticism.

The buck doesn't stop with Rumph anyway. He can't decide whether we offer him or accept his commitment. It doesn't work like that.
Seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. Welcome to the U!
I like this kid physical runs a 4.4 6 foot corner. You can tell hes a football player watching his film could be a diamond in the ruff along with Munez who got hurt week 1 his jurnior year so i can see why hes under the radar! I want Stevenson, Mac, and Richards, Neal! Those 4 are must gets!
Smart, fast and physical is straight outta Jimmy and butch recruiting profile...

coach em up...
Now I know why he committed. Didn’t meet Rumph until after he committed.
For them to leave the state of Miami for a project corner must mean they REALLY like him.

It’s physically all there except the experience. He has all summer to work at CB plus the full season.

I have faith Rumph can develop him.
This is a Sam Shields Herb Waters situation.

They just didnt move to corner until they got to the league.
The State of Miami was a magical line from Orlando down the I-4 Corridor and everything South.....being that he's from Orlando...he's Good....just as Sapp...Searcy...and Copeland were....
This is a Sam Shields Herb Waters situation.

They just didnt move to corner until they got to the league.
Sam shields played corner his last year at Miami
Dummies putting too much stock in him not playing CB in HS. College football history is replete with HS QBs who went on to become AA DBs in college.