2022 DB Weldon talks UM offer; Miami in Top 5

2022 DB Weldon talks UM offer; Miami in Top 5

Zach Shashoua
It’s just a matter of time before everyone knows the name Edric Weldon. The 2022 DB prospect has picked up 19 offers, including those from Alabama, LSU, Florida, as well as his hometown school, the Miami Hurricanes.

The 6”5’, 210-pound DB out of Hallandale (FL) High School can play many positions and his versatility is a major part of his game.

“I’m a very versatile player, I play many different positions. My athleticism allows me to play safety, cornerback, linebacker, and even defensive end,” Weldon said. “I’m like a Stephon Gilmore-type player because, like him, I’m a tall and patient DB. If we get beat, our length makes up for it.”

Weldon picked up an offer from UM in November of 2020 and still remembers the day he landed the bid.

“It felt really good to get an offer from Miami; it was unbelievable,” Weldon said. “I remember in 10th grade when I tore my ACL I thought I would never get an offer. One of the Miami coaches came to my school and offered my teammate and I thought to myself, ‘I can’t wait for that to be me.’ One day I got a text from coach (David) Cooney saying that I should expect a call from coach (Manny) Diaz, and a few minutes later I got the call that I got an offer from Miami. My whole family and I were so happy and everyone was telling me to commit, but I wanted to wait a little bit.”

Weldon is currently a 3-star prospect, but he is slowly gaining the attention of major programs all around the country; Weldon was recently offered by schools like Clemson and Michigan in the past week.

“I look for a school that will have a good bond with me and my family and makes sure that my mom doesn’t have to worry about me anymore,” Weldon said. “I want to go somewhere where I can compete on day one. I want to be at a school that will help develop me to someday make it to the NFL because that is the ultimate goal”

As Weldon seems set to become a highly-touted talent in the class of 2022, it’s clear the Hurricanes are off to a solid start in his recruitment.

“Miami is definitely going to be in my top 5 when I release it,” Weldon said.

Weldon mentions that he is a big fan of late Miami legend, Sean Taylor, who was of similar size and also born and raised in Miami.

“I wish I could’ve met Sean Taylor. I watch him a lot and have seen the documentary many times which leads me to want to become the next version of him and carry on that tradition of great DB’s at ‘The U’.”

Edric would join a DB room that has recently added coach Travaris Robinson, who has long coached and developed NFL talent in the SEC. Weldon would also join 2021 signee James Williams, who is of a similar stature and build as him.

“James and I on the same defense would be hectic for the other team,” Weldon said. “We are both tall and would play well together.”

Not only is Edric a great player on the field, but he also makes sure that he is mindful off the field as well.

“Wherever I go, I will make sure that I am a good teammate,” Weldon said. “If my teammates fall, I’m going to make sure I pick them up. If they need someone to look up to, I’m going to be that guy”


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Checks all the boxes for me, plus we have a much better staff on that side so the kids chances of being wasted drops significantly. Sign him tf up, can really have sone fun out there w this kid, JW, and Chase.

*Just sign him, designate him as an ATH and figure it out later.
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To me he is a take all day u let him work with trob just look out when he learns that he has gogo gadget arms and how to use them kid is gonna put ppl under Alcatraz he move fluid only thing not sure on is long speed but with his length put him in press man and don’t worry
Interesting size/athletic ability. Didnt really see anything special in the highlights though...not even explosion. ..Different position...but makes me think of Zalon'tae Hillery who was raw, but had the right measurables/upside that had coaches everywhere excited for his potential. When you put on the tape his athleticism and size looked great but in terms of playing the position there was a lot of meh. Opposite of someone like James Williams who's making plays all over the field despite looking raw at the same time.

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