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2021 Signing Day Profile: DT Leonard Taylor

2021 Signing Day Profile: DT Leonard Taylor

2021 Miami Palmetto (FL) DT Leonard Taylor signed with the Miami Hurricanes today.

The 6-4 265 pounder is currently a consensus 5-star prospect in the national rankings. According to the 247Sports Composite Ranking, Taylor is the #10 player nationally in 2021, the #1 DT in the country, and the #3 player in the Sunshine State.

Recruiting Story

Leonard Taylor received an offer from both Florida and Miami back in November of 2018. While other teams were involved at different points in the recruitment, including Auburn, it was UF and UM that were at the top of the list for most of the cycle. Taylor was a frequent visitor on both campuses, but it seemed that Miami’s poor 2019 season would give the Gators the edge in the recruitment. Miami was able to turn the tide by aggressively recruiting Taylor at the start of the pandemic and, eventually, with Todd Stroud leading the charge, Miami was able to take the lead. Taylor committed to Miami on August 6th of this year and has been solid ever since.


On film, Taylor profiles as a true 5-star talent that is not even close to his ceiling and carries huge growth potential. At 6’4” 265, built more like a defensive end right now, but has the frame to grow into a perfect 3-tech on the DL at the next level. Seeing him up close in-person, Taylor sports a sculpted frame with very little in the way of excess bad weight. Very functional athlete with little wasted movement. Long arms help to disrupt passing lanes, and he is active batting balls down; displays the athleticism on tape to tip a pass to himself and take it back for a score. Can beat an opponent in so many different ways, usually defeating the OL with his hands right out of the gate. A martial arts background growing up has turned him into violent hand-fighter at the point of attack on the field. His length also causes a ton of problems for OL in his pass rush, as he is able to easily create space for himself to work and can disengage quickly even if his opponent locks on him.

Quick first step off the snap and converts that speed into power by getting his opponent off balance and then tossing them aside. Must gain more mass to hold up as a run stopper on the interior at the next level. All of this is to say that Taylor is a technically advanced prospect at this stage of his development, and that’s what really takes his game to the next level when you pair that with his obvious physical tools.

Taylor also proved he was a no-doubt, 5-star talent on the camp circuit this spring too. Showed off his diverse skillset against the best competition in South Florida at Under Armour Miami; was whipping and embarrassing his opponent on almost every rep. Worked both inside and outside, and it didn’t matter - he did whatever he wanted. Ultimately, he is one of the best players I’ve personally ever watched at the high school level, something I don’t say lightly.

The Team

Miami could have as many as 8 defensive tackles on the roster when Leonard Taylor steps on campus in January, although junior Nesta Silvera and senior Jon Ford could potentially declare for the NFL draft.

Redshirt Probability: 1/10

Leonard Taylor is one of the most talented South Florida defensive linemen ever and he will be enrolling early. Taylor also worked hard prior to his senior season to improve his size and strength in order to make an impact early in college. All of this along with Taylor’s raw talent and ability to play inside and outside on the line will make it very difficult for him to not have a role on the 2021 team.


Comments (12)

Welcome to the U, LT!!!

Time to put in some work, and wreck opposing QB’s and RB’s.
We all expected this of course, but it’s still reason to celebrate, because signing big badass difference makers on the line, guys that even the Alabamas of the world would give their left nut for, is how we get back to relevance.

Anyone believing he was gonna be moved to DE.......
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Loss 44 - 13
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Win 25 - 23
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Win 31 - 30
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Win 38 - 34
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Loss 31 - 28
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