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2021 NFL Draft Profile: Edge Quincy Roche

2021 NFL Draft Profile: Edge Quincy Roche

Canes Legacy
Quincy Roche started the season as one of the most highly regarded edge players in the class, but as the season progressed his stock levelled out to a more reasonable level while other players emerged.

Roche was a monster in his last year at Temple, earning AAC Defensive Player of the Year honors while racking up 13 sacks and 19 TFL. He parlayed his time as an Owl into a major role for the Hurricanes in 2020, finishing the season with 14.5 tackles for loss and 4.5 sacks. That was good enough for third team all conference honors, but he was outshined by his fellow newcomer on the defensive line, Jaelan Phillips. Still, Roche earned himself an invite to the Senior Bowl and did relatively well at UM’s Pro Day.

Pre-Draft Measurables

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 243 pounds

Arms: 32”

Hands: 9 1/2”


Pass Rush Ability/Instincts

Roche has always been a guy that teams could expect to get in the backfield and disrupt things a few times each game. Because he isn’t a physical marvel like Phillips or Rousseau, Roche has always needed to rely more on technique and instincts to get to the QB. While only racking up 4.5 sacks this year, his 13 sacks in 2019 earned him conference DPOY, and he has flashed the smarts and athletic tools to be able to beat tackles when he is allowed to really attack from the edge. He also plays with violent hands and can overmatch TE’s with his tools.

Does Well in Space, Inside or Out

Roche’s biggest weakness is what will limit him in the league, but there are a lot of ways that defenses can use his ability in space to their advantage. While not a natural cover guy, he’s capable of covering flats and extending the edge when tackles try to hook him on outside runs. His athletic ability and motor help him run down plays and force running backs back into pursuit. He’s also effective on stunts, twisting inside and finding space to get in the backfield.


Playing Strength

Roche’s biggest problem is that he won’t be able to hold up for entire games against NFL tackles. He’s not super big or long, so the tackles that he’ll see each week in the NFL will have an advantage once they get their hands on him. His best moments as a Cane came when he teed off on a 3rd and long, worked his way into an opportunity on an extended play, or made a move that let him do something besides winning man on man vs. a tackle. This pretty much forces him into a 3-4 OLB role.

Might be Physically Maxed Out

One of the most intriguing things about both Phillips and Rousseau is that they both seem to just be scratching the surface of their potential, but Quincy might have peaked in terms of how much he can develop. He might be able to add some weight, but his build probably limits him to being in the 250 range, and while he’s a strong athlete, he’s not natural enough out there to be a guy who is in coverage all the time. A lot of where he’ll progress will be how he continues to shine on the mental side of the game.

Draft Projection: 4th-5th round

I think the hype coming into the year for Roche was based on his huge numbers at Temple, but honestly, I think he was always a guy ticketed for a fall to a mid round range based on what he can and can’t do. His best bet is to find his way to a team with an attacking style that likes carrying extra edge guys who work in as rotational pass rushers. As he grows in a system and gets even more comfortable with a consistent role in space, he’ll no doubt have the chance to be a solid starter in the league.

Comments (9)

Future Buccaneer.

His arms are two inches shorter than Shaquille Barrett's but who's counting?
This is a weird draft year...there are ~1/2 of the total prospects in this year's class...teams are going to have maximum 1/3rd of that number as "draftable" players. If you are going in the 5th Round in this year's class...you're low on the list of draftable players and while Roche has some limited upside...I don't think there are 150 better players in this draft. He can play.
Nice analysis. I felt Roche got eaten up too often. But Roche would sometimes slip through the OL lightning quick. Was that motor & technique or deceptive burst? I thought as much the latter as the former, tbh. There's definitely material to work with, even if situational.
Nice analysis. I felt Roche got eaten up too often. But Roche would sometimes slip through the OL lightning quick. Was that motor & technique or deceptive burst? I thought as much the latter as the former, tbh. There's definitely material to work with, even if situational.
I had the same impression. He struggled any time OTs got their hands on him and disappeared a lot for a guy who seems to flash such good skills. That's why I like him in space as more of an OLB in a 34, because he can get better angles from the edge and he's so good at knifing through inside on twists and stunts. I think he can be solid enough in coverage to handle responsibilities in the flats, but he'll make his money by having a great work ethic and getting after the QB on 3rd downs.
Steelers in Round 6, Pick 216.

I thought he'd be drafted before this...but good spot for him. Hopefully he sticks.
Honestly surprised he fell that far.

A LOTTTTT of good players went undrafted

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