2019 Miami LB commit Samuel Brooks Jr. is ready to lead Northwestern back to States

2019 Miami LB commit Samuel Brooks Jr. is ready to lead Northwestern back to States

The defending 6A state champions Miami Northwestern is ready to defend their state championship this season. Although the Bulls lost a number of key players like Divaad Wilson, Chatarius (Tutu) Atwell, Richad Wilgoose and others, they bring back a very key piece to their defense in 2019 Miami LB commit Samuel Brooks Jr.

“I’m ready to play, I’m excited about coming back because I haven’t played football in 10 months, so I’m ready for my comeback. I plan on coming back strong and I don’t want to surprise anyone because everyone already knows what I can do.”

Brooks missed a majority of last season after he suffered a season-ending injury against rival Carol City. Fast-forward 10 months later, Brooks says he’s 100% ready to come back from the setback.

“Yes I’m at 100%,” Brooks said. “I actually just got cleared yesterday, my doctor cleared me for everything, so I’m back on the field now.”

With the injury now behind, Brooks says he’s very motivated to make a difference for the Bulls this season and to be the leader of this defense.

“I’m very motivated because I know we lost some really talented guys and we got a couple new faces on the defense, so I’m going to lead the defense again and now I’m back, so I’m going to take care of business.”

“I always tell them that it is hard to be Bull,” Brooks said “You have to keep working hard, I always tell the senior guys that as well, not just the young guys, I tell the underclassmen to work hard and they don’t have to look up to me to be great, I tell them to look at my work ethic and use some of that.”

When it comes to the season and personal goals, Brooks had this to say:

“I have a lot of goals honestly,” Brooks said. “First, I want to win another state championship. I want to break a lot of records and stuff and since I’m coming off an injury it’s going to make it even better.”

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The rather bad knee injury kept him from being a top 4 star kid. He has worked hard to overcome that and he signed with us!
Was the at CC game when he was injured. Up until that point he was almost unblockable.
He will be on the fringes of 5 stars if there is an honest unbias evaluation. And btw guys by the time he get to Miami he would be 2 years removed from the surgery which is usually the amount of time it takes for ppl to get back to 100%.
if he comes back anything like prior to injury he should be a 5 star. He really changed the games that I watched on TV.
So glad hes back i cant wait to see this kid!!! Prob my favorite recruit in Surge 19 Cane all the way!!! Dude is a heat seekin missle comin for a qb guarantee he leads our team in Havoc rate!!! Savage
Just don’t rush him back. Glad doctor cleared him, but we don’t want him reinjuring himself by overcompensating like we’ve seen kids do way too many tines.
Just cleared. I’d take it slow til game 4-5. Is he an early entry candidate?
He needs to put on weight as does all of our current LB recruits. But dont think they will have a problem. This kid is a ball seeking machine..the game he got hurt in against CC he was going off.

Scary the type of speed this lb class has....Would like one thumper type in the group..but i like the kids they got all sideline to sideline guys.
this kids is a missile he closes and thats what all miami defenders should look like, closing speed
I could give two s'hits about his star/rankings. He is my favorite defensive recruit in this class! I agree with @gogeta4 regarding Brooks being a "ball seeking machine." He is constantly around the football and is always in a position to make a play.