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2018 Finnie making the most of his chance

2018 Finnie making the most of his chance

Peter Ariz

Preseason lists of top prospects emerge every year around August. Anybody can spot a four-or-five star recruit in street clothes and call them “freak athletes”, but one of the best things about high school football in south Florida is that unheralded ballers emerge from the woodworks.

Some kids just need to find the right situation and motivation to make it work. Meet 2018 ATH Lamont Finnie, Jr – Edison’s emerging junior who is leading the Red Raiders to a 3-1 start on the field.

Finnie attended Miami Northwestern his freshman year and was on the J.V. squad before getting moved to Varsity at the end of the season. In hopes of greener pastures, Finnie made the move to Central for his sophomore season, but was not eligible to play with his 2.0 GPA.

With time ticking, Finnie transferred to Edison for his junior year, where says everything has clicked for him on-and-off the field.

“Really my parents pushed me and just knowing that I’m the oldest (of 11 children). If I don’t make it to the next level – not even just making the NFL – but just graduate, it would be a failure to myself. Maybe not for them, but my little brothers and sisters look up to me and I had to make that decision,” Finnie said.

The two-way athlete’s 4-game highlight looks like a season’s worth of clips for most.


“People don’t see Edison the way they do Central, Northwestern, or Booker T., so we just wanted to bring it back,” he said. “Don't doubt on us. We’re coming back.”

Football runs in Finnie’s blood. His older cousins Thomas (former Miami and Bethune-Cookman CB) and Brandon (former FAMU LB) played at the college level. His great uncle Roger Finnie played 11 seasons in the NFL through the 1970s. And his father Lamont also played at Bethune.

He wants to not only carry on their legacy, but take it one step further.

“It’s very important to me because almost every one of my family members who made it to the next level messed up some how. I feel like it’s on me to learn from the mistakes they made,” Finnie said.

One of those “mistakes” that Finnie is referencing is the fact that he cousin Thomas was kicked out of Miami in December 2012 after a solid freshman year. The older Finnie has bestowed some advice on him.

“I saw him at his graduation from Bethune and that’s the last time we talked about football,” Lamont said. “He tells me to take advantage of the opportunities you get, because sometimes you don’t get a second chance. He says you can’t take anything for granted.

The college coaches will inevitable start calling for the dynamite Finnie, who currently holds two offers from USF and Temple.

Is there any offer that would mean more to Finnie than others? He says Miami.

“When I was little, I loved to watch Graig Cooper play. I liked all the payers from Northwestern too so I followed them when they went to UM. Then Duke (Johnson) went there too.”

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how does he compare to rob knowles in terms of athleticism? any of the coaches raving about him like they did for knowles ?
how does he compare to rob knowles in terms of athleticism? any of the coaches raving about him like they did for knowles ?

Completely new coaching staff over there now. They have a bunch of talent.

But his coaches think he is special. Need to see it against better comp though...they play Booker T later in the season
Like we were talking about in the other thread you had on him. He has really burst onto the scene this year. 11 TDs through the first few games, 5 receiving, 3 rushing, 1 passing, 1 kick return and 1 interception return. 2 interceptions as well. Jerry Williamson just had an article on him the other day. Rising Stars (@JerryRecruiting) | Twitter

First heard of him through Edison's coaches over the offseason.

He came down to visit for the FAU game.

Edison has some prospects to keep a very close eye on in 2018 between...

ATH Lamont Finnie
S Nadab Joseph
DE Kayode Oladele

They used to have a 2019 OL that was gonna be one of the more heralded recruits down here, but he moved to Kansas. Danielson Ike.
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how does he compare to rob knowles in terms of athleticism? any of the coaches raving about him like they did for knowles ?

If you're looking for comparison worth. Nadab Joseph can be an even better prospect than Knowles was. Converted from WR to DB over the offseason. Big 6'2" kid, very athletic, long wingspan. He went to the LSU camp and performed as a DB and that was a wrap. Blew up since then. Miami is very close to offering.

He's committed to LSU but from what I've understood, Miami could flip him if they push hard enough for him.

He hasn't even come close to scraping his potential considering, he really started focusing on DB just a few months ago. His potential is scary.

This is from the other week. 2 INTs, 1 fumble recovery for TD and 6 tackles. - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7p5IKAmMOUs

This is from spring - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2rb38L3bp8A
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Stats from his coach through 4 game and

8 Rec. 210 Rec yds 5 TDs. 5 Rush 70 yds 2 TDs. 2-3 Pass 103 yds 1 TD. 1 KOR TD. 2 Ints 1 int TD
Stats from his coach through 4 game and

8 Rec. 210 Rec yds 5 TDs. 5 Rush 70 yds 2 TDs. 2-3 Pass 103 yds 1 TD. 1 KOR TD. 2 Ints 1 int TD

They have 3 games coming up towards the end of the season that will test them more.

Palmetto, Pace and Booker T.

Palmetto has some talent in there again between their 2018 and 2019 classes. Off to a great start, they upset South Dade the other week.
I have to hand it to Edison though. New staff in there is doing a great job. They held in tight with Southridge a few weeks ago. They were in Southridge territory a few times. Game got called right before halftime due to lightning at 7-0 but they looked the part.
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Poor kid.....he has no idea what Miami looked like when the U was dominant..
Pete although this kid seems legit where does he stack up agianst our 2018 commits (Jobe, Ivey, Frierson)? Have to figure we take Blades Jr. regardless if he drags it out to national signing day. Ik you and Geo are also high on Gurvan Hall, Nadab Joeseph, and now this Finnie. Theres no way we land 7 regardless of the fact we are taking 4 DBs in 2017 so out of Joseph, Finnie, and Hall who are we really striving for?
Thomas Finnie? He wasnt he involved in some sort of dorm theft when he was here?
11TD's ???? ALREADY?!??!??!

Devin Hester, is that you?!?!?!