2016 S Cook Has Miami in Front

2016 S Cook Has Miami in Front

Tito Benach
Before the season started, Miami Central head coach Roland Smith advocated his teams defense as being the strong point of this years team. It’s no question he was right as the Rockets have not allowed an opponent to score more than 21 points this season.

2016 Miami Central safety Jamel Cook is a instrumental part of the defense as he is apart of a talented secondary.

“We work so well together because at the end of every practice we do extra stuff about what the opponents do. As DB’s we know the ball is gonna come out quick because the D-line is getting pressure and the receivers don’t have time to rung long routes. We call ourselves the ‘Book Squad’ because as DB’s we have 12 total interceptions on the season.”

Cook models his game after two different players: Antonio Cromartie and Richard Sherman.

“They’re both tall and long ranged DB’s. They both match up with the big time receivers and I like to stick the best receiver on the field.”

The 6’3 200 pound safety holds offers from FAU, Louisville, Miami and USF, but it the Hurricanes are the team to beat at the moment.

“UM is on top. I like their DB’s and the way they swarm to the ball. They’re just showing me the most love; they wish me good luck every game and they want me to come out for the UM FSU game this Saturday which I will be there.”

The other school that attracts interest from the stand out safety from Central is USF and his connection with former Rockets cornerback Deatrick Nichols

“I watch their DB’s and I also used to play with Deatrick Nichols. He told me he likes it up there and the DB coach is a good coach.”

When it comes to a decision, sports medicine will play a huge part in finding which school is right for Cook.

“I want to see how their sports medicine program is and the atmosphere around the school, the people, the teachers. Especially on the field the coaches will play a big part as well.”

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I love the way this big kid looks out there-- not saying he plays like him- but he really does kinda look like him out there.
Sports medicine? Miami's to lose. Now we need to focus on the DBs from the 2015 class.
I love the way this big kid looks out there-- not saying he plays like him- but he really does kinda look like him out there.

Good job...it would've gotten real ugly in here if you said it.

And rightfully so
Good length, long arms. Little tight in the hips. A lot of his highlights are just him playing CF. His best attribute is his ability to find the ball in the air- which is not nearly as easy as people think it is. Little taller than you normally want to see your S be, but he makes it work with instincts and aggressiveness.

He looks like an upper 3-star/low 4-star type talent.
who are the 5 star players in south florida for 2016?
This kid is the real deal. The best safety in 2016 hands down.
Need him and some of those DL's from Central and that LB # 2.
I love the way this big kid looks out there-- not saying he plays like him- but he really does kinda look like him out there.

Yea. We need to let him wear # twenty something, also. :joyous:
Favorite player is a safety and not Ed Reed or Sean Taylor. That's ******* awesome.
Kid is my best friends neighbor and folks at the Central games call him Kevin Durant lol. UF has been dropping by his house lately
This kid lined up at cb against Hoover and looked good. Every time is een Central play he impressed...he should be a top priority..for us and i Love the Kenny Phillips comparison..even though KP in CC'S defense just played like 20 yds deep in centerfield and got bored at times because it was nothing to do.
Love his size and versatility. One of the top prospects that I want from 2016 at DB. And the Kenny Phillips comparison, I must agree with, haven't said it before... but I do see the resemblance in game and size, even though Jamel is a bit taller.

And HurricaneVision, he'll probably end up as 4*.

And WR Cane, #2 who you are talking about is LB'er Donovan Thompson, Blustein calls him the best South Florida defender in 2016. Very instinctive, moves sideline to sideline. And coach Roland Smith has compared Thompson to Sean Spence who he coached in the past.. and I must agree.

The 2016 LB class I want is Shaq Quarterman, Mike and Thompson.

Also, Miami Central has a LB'er #31, Waynmon Steed who is a stud as well for 2017 that I'm pretty sure we will pursue that class year.

They Also have 2017 OL, Navaughn Donaldson who is a big hog maulie to watch out for that year as well. 6'5" 300+