2016 QB Allison Impressed with Miami

2016 QB Allison Impressed with Miami

Tito Benach
2016 Palmetto (Fla.) quarterback Jack Allison knows it takes everything he has to become an elite prospect and help his team accomplish their goals. There have been no days off for him as he is constantly putting in work during the summer.

“I work out everyday; I work out with my team in the morning and I’ll also work out with my trainer Elton- John Strawderman every day for speed and strength training with him.”

The 6’5 190 pound gun slinger had his priorities in order as his teams offensive leader. His goals for the upcoming season are rather simple: Win.

“The goal this season is to be a better leader and win football games.”

Allison is entering his junior year, but already has a number of schools interested in his services.

“Alabama, Tennessee, Miami, Mizzou, USF, UCF and I talk to Miami a lot, and the Tennessee coaches a lot as well.”

When asked for what school is putting in the biggest effort to land him, The Palmetto product admitted the ‘Canes are doing a tremendous job of recruiting him.

“I have to say Miami.”

The Hurricanes have really caught Allison’s eye and cites their rich tradition as one of the most appealing aspect of the program.

“The tradition of ‘The U’, the swagger of it, I love it there as well. I love coach (James) Coley, the quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator and Al Golden the head coach, he’s amazing. I’d love to play for him and just the atmosphere there is amazing; it’s not uptight and it’s fun, but they handle business.”

Allison got a chance to work with offensive coordinator James Coley on sunday at the Al Golden football Camp and also got to see what the campus is like.

“Coach Coley talked a lot about balance and stuff like that and thats something I never really thought about and I got to see the campus and it’s a really nice campus.”

The Volunteers are another program that has the attention of Allison and their offense is rather intriguing to his style.

“It’s a program within the SEC, which is awesome and the Pro-style offense they have is really nice. I’ve heard they have a really nice campus and the academics are good too. I’d love to get down there.”

On the other side of the conference the Alabama Crimson Tide have made quite the impression on the Florida quarterback and cites their dominance of college football the last few years as a main reason of interest.

“I talk to Lane Kiffin from there a little bit. It’s Alabama they’re one of the best programs over the last few years.”

When it comes to evaluating between every school, Allison has to find what he wants in a school to make a commitment.

“A good environment, somewhere where the quarterbacks coach and head coach understand me and just the best fit for me and the style of offense. I also want to see success over the years from the program.”

*Allison doesn’t have a strict preference, but he said he would prefer a Pro/Spread offense.

Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2542280/highlights/103352379

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No second thought when I say this: Best QB Highlights I've seen in a long time
He works out with Elton John? Well that's interesting.
Coach coley is the best recruiter on the staff, I expect him to get someone good, if not Allison.
Offer List...check
Likes UM's swag..check

Sounds like a UM lean as of now..NSD of 2017 is a loooong way to go though
Holy s*** this kid has a cannon. My jaw dropped on the first **** throw lol! Doesn't look like were gonna land any top QBs for this 2105 cycle so id say that makes him even more of a must get for 2016!! Kid is a baller and has to wear orange and green! Absolute MUST!
Those highlights are good.... for a HS sophomore. Two more years of film and I think a better understanding of how he projects is what is needed.

Good arm though.
This kid will leave us at the alter on the day of the wedding and burn us. Bama or Tenn!
Tennessee is a spread team. Are they telling him that they're pro-style?
We just gotta win! Everybody wants to play for a winner- especially in the City of Miami. When we win and Canes names get called on the first day of the draft, they'll come. A "Top" recruit here in Tampa just told me the other day Bama "guarantees" you'll win a Championship during your time there, winning/undefeated seasons, getting guys in the NFL and making millions. Said they hype that the last 5 years their draft choices have signed over $500 mil in contracts. The facilities and players apartments are tight. They all got nice fully furnished apartments and big screen tv's in their rooms and living rooms, laptops, Ipads and game machines. Said guys (players) told him you never go hungry, just go where ever and if they don't already know you play for the Tide, just tell them and you get hooked up. Said guy asked him if he had a car? Said don't worry "somebody" will hook that up for you too.

Said "everybody" wanna be in Miami, who don't wanna be where you know all the big timers go! Said that's all he hears from NFL players he been around is they always talking bout Miami and Atlanta, but they (Canes) ain't winning **** or putting dudes in the league. If you gonna make them all that money, best to go somewhere where they gone break you off he said. You only gone be there 4 years, 3 if you ballin so go where you can get paid, live good and win. Said guys known the "game", talk all the time bout how to get paid and who taking care of cats the best.
When did Tennessee starting running pro style offense ?
When did Tennessee starting running pro style offense ?

They tell the QBs they will make it adjustable to what they do best. they just buying into it.

To whichever offense fits the QB they do have more mobile QBs the Pro-style ones, so the QBs are buying into whatever they're pitching/selling to them. If the did run a pro-style offense I'm sure Torrance Gibson wouldn't have them Number one on his list.