2016 QB Allison All in on Miami

2016 QB Allison All in on Miami

Tito Benach
When 2016 Palmetto (Fla,) quarterback Jack Allison committed to Miami he was one of the only commits within the class. A month later the class holds 7 commits, 3 being top talented receivers from South Florida.

“It’s awesome to know that when I go there I’m going to have weapons.It’s just re-assuring to know that when I get there I’m going to have weapons to work with.”

While Allison has yet to speak with any of his fellow Hurricane pledges, he plans on getting acquainted with as many commits as possible with the upcoming “U Day”.

“I’m looking to have a good time, but I’m just looking forward to seeing the 2016 commits that are going to be there and the 2015 commits that are going to be there and meeting the guys and seeing what’s up.”

The Palmetto play caller has intentions of watching the Hurricanes play this season including possibly the biggest rivalry game of the year.”

“I really want to get up there to see Florida State-Miami on September 26th.”

The 6’4 175 pound quarterback has high expectations for Miami this year, which includes a trip to a BCS bowl.

“Well they’ve been getting better every year, this year they should win a bowl, actually the Orange Bowl. I think they can do it.”

Allison recently made a comment that resonated with Hurricane fans across the internet when he said that a million dollars couldn’t sway him away from Coral Gables.

“Oh yeah, I’m a Miami guy. I’m Miami all the way.”

CanesInsight users had been coming up with all their own creative nicknames for the 2016 prospect, so I pitched a few of them to him and he chose the ones he liked.

“Cactus Jack”: “(laughs) What does that mean?”

“Jack The Ripper”: “Oh that nice, I like that one.”

“Jack Attack”: “Oh I like Jack Attack, I’ve been called that for a long time.”

“Magic Jack”: “(laughs) Who’s coming up with these?”

Out of all the possible monikers, Allison said his favorite.

“I’m gonna go with ‘Jack Attack” because ‘Jack The Ripper’ isn’ t a friendly name (laughs).”

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Nice work, Tito.
F$U game is November 15th, we play Duke September 27th.

So excited about the future with this kid and the rest of our 2016 commits, and with them bonding early at events like the recruit BBQ and U day etc... and staying in touch over the next few years just might be that little extra push to keep them all committed when those $EC and F$U bagmen start coming in full force their senior years.

Call me crazy, but as long as we win 9 games this year(IMO we should at least win 10) with no embarrassments, we keep everyone committed for 2016 so far except maybe RB Mark Walton(who I still consider a 2016 commit).
Jack attack is good but you should have mentioned cra<ker jack as a option.
Great write up. Kid has given us huge boost without even trying. Can't wait for him to start recruiting for us. I love Kaaya, but he was a find who blew up later. Allision is already highly rank and two years out. His impact will be much greater on recruiting than Brad's was. We win this year add all this 2016 Mo will spill over into 2015 and that class will blow up beyond the great haul at RB. And I keep forgetting, we got a really good QB in 2015 too. Olsen, Kaaya, Lawson, Allison sounds like heck of a law firm. We could be on tract to returning to Quarterback U. Welcome to THE U kid.
Happy Jack...

Jack the Ripper!

I'm excited for this kid more than I was for the other QB's. (Olsen, Kaaya, Rosier, & Lawson)

He's having a HUGE impact on the 2016 class. Wait until he really starts recruiting for the 2016 class.

Great size already too. 6'5" , accurate and can sling it a young age. He'll probably be about 200-210 by the time he gets here. He's about 190 right now.
Jack seems like a stud wish didn't have to wait 2 more years before he is on campus
This kid is the key to that class becoming an absolute monster at the skill positions. We are stock piling elite talent on offense.