2016 DE Bethel Focusing on Football

2016 DE Bethel Focusing on Football

Tito Benach
2016 Vero Beach (Fla.) defensive end Patrick Bethel may have had a good sophomore season, but he isn’t settling for anything.

“The way I feel is that there’s always room for improvement. In the eyes of some people I may have had a good season. I always want to get better and be able to dominate until the last play.”

Bethel has been working with his father by lifting weights and also running with him.

“I’m doing a little bit of everything. I’ve got my father he really helps me a lot, he’s stepped in as a mentor and my coach. I’ve been doing some footwork, some strength training, some speed training. I’m just trying to get bigger, faster and stronger.”

Bethel’s father is a familiar face for Miami Hurricane fans as he played for Miami from 1988 to 1990.

While the 6’3 230 pound prospect says his father’s history at Miami won’t play a big role, he does admit his father is playing a huge role for him in the recruiting process.

“He doesn’t really talk to me specifically about Miami, the most important thing for him is getting an education, so whenever we talk about schools he wants me to get an education. But for him having played at Miami and the Pro’s for a period of time it really helps to know what it takes to get there.”

Miami is one of the schools who has been showing interest in Bethel along with a number of other schools.

“Because I’m a sophomore I can’t really talk to many, but from what I know I’m getting looks from Miami, Northwestern, UCF, Louisville. I always want to work and get recognized by everybody.”

The Vero Beach product isn’t very familiar with Miami, but did get a chance to watch them earlier this past season against Virginia.

“I went to one of their games and I really did enjoy that atmosphere and some of the other recruits that were there. I haven’t really gotten a chance to see them at this point, but I did like it.”

When it comes to factors for decisions education and the level of comfort will play big roles into his decision.

“As I said Education, a great program, somewhere I can be comfortable, somewhere not too far from home. Overall, a great facility and a great family to have around.”

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Couple of years to work on him. Impressive tape too.
might want to put his fathers name in the article. most fans won't know who he is based off a pic.