2016 Central safety has Canes on top

2016 Central safety has Canes on top

Peter Ariz

In his first season at Miami Central, 6-4, 190-pound safety Jamel Cook opened eyes. Cook impressed a lot of people throughout the spring/summer camp circuit, but his 6 interceptions during the season were what really caught the attention of those watching.

“I enjoyed the season, but I know I need to work on my hips and footwork a lot. I’ll be with my defensive coordinator this summer, Coach Gibbs, and we will be working,” said Cook.

The rangy defensive back says that Miami, Louisville, UCF, USF, and South Carolina are recruiting him the most right now. He also added that the hometown Hurricanes lead for his services.

“I like their secondary a lot. It’s between them (Miami), Louisville, and South Carolina right now.”

James Coley and Hurlie Brown are the two coaches from Miami that have been in constant contact with Cook.

“They keep it real with me. They tell me that if I come in that I will have to work hard for my spot just like every other player.”

Cook added that he would like to “wait it out” in regards to the recruiting process. He says that he wants to see all of his options in person before making a decision.

For now though, the Canes have put themselves out in front.

“I love the new campus at Miami and there’s a guy named Eric Josephs who showed me around and I really like how small the classes are and I will get to learn more. All I need to decide is what I will major in.”

Season Highlights - http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3315836/highlights/161206381

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First off (because I know the question is coming), no relation to Dalvin.

Secondly, this is a kid that Miami needs to lock up early. I liked him a lot during the 7-on-7 stuff last year and I was really encouraged by what I saw during the season when the pads came on. He can really move for his size and is smooth.

The knock on him right now is physicality, but he is a ballhawk.
There may be no relation to Dalvin, but these Cook women down in south florida are popping em out like its nothing.
Man i want this kid a cane. with that type of range. you cant coach. ive seen him in a couple of games. he is not physical at all. he look like a stick because of his weight but he can play the ball lights out.
Like Peter said, Lock him up early and don't let FSU get involved.
No disrespect to Pete or Tito, but it's hard to take the sentiment of "lock him up early" seriously considering how many decommits we've already witnessed, with more surely on the horizon.

We technically locked up Scarlett at The Opening and he said he wouldn't take any visits at that time. Now, less than a month before NSD after a disastrous season, we're almost certainly going to lose him to FSU or UF. FSU fans on this board still claim he doesn't have a committable offer there until Frasier bolts. And UF didn't enter the picture until they hired McElwain.

There's no such thing as locking up kids early nowadays, especially with premier talent and our unique dumpster fire of a situation.
Happy the kid says we lead, but as long as Goldie still leading the charge we'll always lose to good coaches on the field and in recruiting especially!
that guy is rangy, i love to see DBS making plays on the football, the hitting part will come once he gain a little weight he will have more confident coming up and making hits but the ball skills is what we need hes the type of safety you could put back deep by himself and he could cover the whole field.
Beast i noticed him two yers ago....

Has a play style of Kenny Phillips who i liked here.
Dead at "lock him up early."

******* dead.
Seen him play in person he's a stud! Ballhawk! Haven't had a ballhawk DB in a while!
Not that it matters because it's a year away from NSD 2016, but apparently Cook told 247 Sports that Louisville is now his leader.