2016 Carol City WR Newbold brings the swag

2016 Carol City WR Newbold brings the swag

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Steven Newbold is a name recruiting fans should get used to now. The sophomore at Carol City is one of the most exciting prospects in South Florida and is electric with the ball in his hands.

“When I get on the field, it’s time to get paid. We put all the work in so now I just want to have fun,” said Newbold.

The 5-10, 170-pound speedster does not lack any confidence.

“I’m legendary. When I’m on the field, I go for it all. I just need somebody to put the ball there for me and I’m going to get it.”

Although the young prospect has yet to receive any offers, Miami and Nebraska have been in contact with him.

“It feels good that they see me at a young age so I thank God that he has let me be in this predicament.”

Newbold’s thoughts on Miami?

“I’ll go there because it doesn't matter to me. All I want to do is play ball and make a new life for my family.”

No other schools have really caught Newbold’s attention either.

“It doesn’t matter where I go. I just love to play ball. I’ll go to Alaska if I can just play ball.”

Comments (26)

I love his attitude and if he plays like he acts then I would love to have him on the squad
1. He have better grades then Gray?

2. Any highlights?
Love his attitude seems like if we offer him first or early he's a cane. Pete, sorry to bring it up, but how would you compare him to bruce or mullins
Better than Mullins and has a higher ceiling than Bruce IMO
Take him for attitude alone. If he can back it up, then all there better. Love that brash, in your face stuff. Not sure coaching staff nice guys can handle him. I can see him bringing back the fights on the practice field. We are not back until there is some body count at practice.
I wonder if he's related to the Stephen Newbold that runs track at FSU?
Better than Mullins and has a higher ceiling than Bruce IMO

man pump the brakes a little bit. A kid that hasn't done anything in HS yet is the next Stacy (who has been one of the best WR in sfl history going all the way back to his original Hurricane days) and is better than two kids that have already been named All County players before because of what he's doing in shorts and a T shirt. Your better than this buddy.
Did he have "sebteen catches fur a hunnid sebty yards and tree tds"?

He talks as big a game as Kayne Farquharson!!! Hopefully he's legit
Well he will be a kid to at the very least keep an eye on. And if he is THAT good then I think we all know he wont be at CC very long. Prob will transfer to a bigger name school by his senior year. JMO.