2015 WR Calloway Fitting in at Booker T

2015 WR Calloway Fitting in at Booker T

Tito Benach
With less than a year at Booker T Washington (Fla.), 2015 wide receiver Antonio Calloway already feels comfortable and has gotten better in more ways than just the football field.

“We’ve been doing good. We’ve been becoming better student athletes; our grades have gone up a whole lot. When I was at Homestead I was a 2.0 student , but at Booker T my GPA went all the way up to a 2.9.”

Calloway joins a high speed and power oriented offense at Booker T and feels it suits him well for confusing defenses and making plays.

“I like it because it sometime throws the defense off because they don’t really expect it and we are well conditioned so we never get tired. We’re always running to the ball and we want to go harder.”

The Tornadoes are coming off back to back state championships and the goal has been set no lower than before for the rising senior

“We don’t look at it as ‘defending it’. We’re going after a national championship, just another national championship.”

The 5’11 175 pound speedy playmaker has attracted attention from a lot of schools including Miami, Florida, West Virginia, Arkansas, Florida State and Cincinnati.

The Hurricanes have been no stranger to recruiting prospects from Booker T Washington including landing Chad Thomas and Demetrius Jackson last year and even have Calloway’s current teammate Mark Walton committed.

“Thats the hometown team, I grew up watching them. I like that they run the spread offense too, they use their receivers a lot and their running backs. They balance it out and it’s a balanced offense. I talk to coach Brennan Carroll a lot and he said he can use me in their offense.”

Calloway is cousins with current Hurricane Herb Waters who he speaks with regularly and receives advice from regarding recruiting.

“He tells me it’s a good fit. He tells me to make sure it’s something I want to do and to take my time and go through the whole recruiting process.”

The in state rival Florida Gators happen to be the team Calloway grew up rooting for and admired many of their former players.

“I like the Florida Gators a lot, I grew up liking them because of Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin and Jeff Demps because people always use to tell me I was small, but I was fast. So I would look at them because they were small and fast and still made it to the pro’s, so it showed me no matter how small you are, you can still do it.”

The Mountaineer’s diverse offense is what catches the eye of Calloway and he’s interested to see more from them.
No official visits have been set up for the moment, but Calloway is sure of two and is looking to make a signing day decision.

“Florida and UM.”

What will it take for a school to land his talents?

“I want to see the hard work, the competitiveness and I want to feel like I’m at home and comfortable.”

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we need to be going after the other BTW Davis just as hard
Haven't seen any good film on him, but aren't we at the max for WR's in the 2015 class? I know where we are on 2016, but didn't think we'd be looking for another WR for 2015 unless they want to add a speedy shifty type.
thanks for the update on him Tito. happy to hear he was able to put in some work in the classroom. hope he has a breakout year at BTW