2015 WR Arnette impresses at camp

2015 WR Arnette impresses at camp

Peter Ariz
2015 St. Thomas Aquinas WR Damon Arnette (6’1”, 175) was one of the most impressive receivers at today’s Al Golden Football Camp and he had some positive feedback from the experience.

“It was good because it was really one of the first camps I ever went to. It was just good experience. I learned I have to keep my hands moving while I’m breaking in and out of my routes,” said Arnette.

Arnette recently transferred over to STA from North Broward Prep, where he played his first two seasons of high school. The rising junior spoke about the transition to a new environment.

“It went well. I started at the slot position and was able to get balls thrown to me. I got used to it pretty quick because my mindset really didn’t change. I was just a different type of player and didn’t think I fit in at North Broward so I thought the change would be good. Everybody here is about winning and we have the same goal.”

The wide receiver group consisting of Arnette, 2015 Devante Peete, 2015 Jonathan Washington, and 2014 Corey Holmes is going to be nearly impossible for opposing defensive backfields to stop.

“It is gonna be scary. There’s also another receiver named Jonathan Washington to look out for. We’re gonna shock people because everyone is saying we graduated so many people, but were working hard and I feel like we’ve been getting better every day.”

One change that Arnette will need to make at St. Thomas is playing the slot.

“At North Broward I played the Z. I’m adjusting to slot fine, it’s just shorter routes than I’m used to running.”

**Arnette plans to attend FSU and Alabama camps this summer
**Here are his sophomore highlights:

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I was just looking at the ESPN WR rankings. I find it interesting that Miami is in the running for 6 of the top 10 WR. Most teams would be happy with one of those guys. No matter what happens that's a good sign. In reality we should land 2-3 of these guys
What's the deal with these kids transferring on to St. Thomas?