2015 Godby OL Loftus Down to 3

2015 Godby OL Loftus Down to 3

Tito Benach
After visiting a number of schools and a lot of consideration 2015 Godby (Fla.) offensive linemen Brendan Loftus has narrowed down his choices to 3 schools.

“I’ll be choosing from Miami, FAU and Wisconsin and I’ll be committing tomorrow around 2:20.”

While Loftus is excited to see the recruiting process come to an end, he does admit he will miss the feeling of being recruited.

“I think it will be bitter sweet just because I enjoyed going around all the colleges and meeting the new coaches and the fans on twitter.”

The Hurricanes are a school that made the 6’7 295 pound blocker a priority and got him on campus for an eye opening visit.

“I just liked how it’s such a nice campus for how small the population is at the University of Miami; It’s a prestigious education you can get there and it’s a private school. Another thing I liked about it was the coaches, how they interact with everyone. If you ask a question, they will answer it and they don’t mind taking time out to answer it.”

While Wide Receivers coach Brennan Carroll is the area recruiter for Loftus, he mostly speaks with Offensive Line coach Art Kehoe and Offensive Coordinator James Coley.

“Coach (Art) Kehoe and Coach (James) Coley I’ve been talking to them a lot. (Laughs) Coach
(Art) Kehoe is a great guy, he just knows what he’s talking about. He’s been in this business for a long time and I don’t think he’s going to go anywhere from Miami.”

The FAU Owls have caught the eye of the Godby product as a team on the rise and he has taken notice of their recruiting efforts.

“I like how they’re going after these top recruits, not like myself, but like they had Jordan Scarlett committed there at one time and they’re really bulking up their football program.It would just be cool to be apart of a winning tradition there and start it at the school.”

While he never got a chance to make a visit to Wisconsin, the Badgers are still in consideration with Loftus.

“I like Wisconsin because when coach Bush came down here in the spring he told me a lot of things about it and I often consider them ‘O-Line University’. It’s something I would want to be apart of and be in that brotherhood.”

When asked what all those schools display in common, a family feel was most important.

“All these schools are family oriented, they like doing things as a team and everything as a team. Also just how the coaches interact with the players.”

Loftus will shut down the recruiting process after his commitment tomorrow. As for a preview for tomorrow.
“(laughs) No hints.”

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Surprised to see that he plans to shut down his recruitment after announcing tomorrow.

All of our OL commits should be encouraged to take their OVs and keep their options open.
LOL FAU "HAD" Scarlett.....

Never took a visit to Wisky...

Has been to Miami....

Yup -- wrap this **** up - he's a Cane.
Remember when Jamal Carter had I think Hawaii in his top 3 when he decided on UM? Yeah this is a similar thing
I've never thought much of this kid only because FSU didn't offer and he's in their back yard. big red flag for me
was not impressed with his film to be honest
A few of his teammates from last year signed with FAU so I wouldn't be surprised if he choose them
Hope he chooses FAU. Canes can do better...
How is this kid as a prospect?

Like our other OL commits aside from Leeward Brown, I'm not a fan. Not all that impressed by his highlights. The lack of an FSU offer considering where he's located is a red flag. And there's a legitimate question to be asked as to whether he's Miami caliber.

What's surprising to me is how selective we've been with DB recruiting, especially with guys like Causey and Fenton, while accepting commits from a bunch of o-linemen who are questionable takes. You'd think there would be more consistency across the board.

The good news is that there's plenty of time for attrition if we're able to land better talent (Merrick/Milo/Dowdy).