2015 DE Strowbridge Focused on Three

2015 DE Strowbridge Focused on Three

Tito Benach
2015 Deerfield Beach (Fla.) defensive end Jason Strowbridge doesn’t need to be reminded of the game against Miramar in the 2013 8A playoffs where the Bucks lost to the Patriots in a deflating 43-6 performance.

“We have big shoes to fill that means it’s a lot of pressure on me as a captain to get them going and I think they’ve bought into what we’re trying to do.”

Strowbridge learned a lot from former Deerfield Beach running back Brandon Powell in ways to be an efficient leader and control the team.

“He tells me to step up and be yourself and keep in mind that this is your last season so you don’t want to go out with a bad season. One of the things I like to do when we are conditioning after practice is to make sure everybody is standing up, no one is bending over. This season we’ve stepped up the weight room program which will make us more effective and stronger.”

The 6’3 247 pound rush end is being courted by a plethora of schools ranging from Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Miami and Tennessee. While all of these schools are interested in his services, only a few standout at the moment.

“I don’t have a top five or anything right now, but I know Kentucky, Alabama and Miami will probably be in the top five.”

The Wildcats are a school that have caught the eye of the Deerfield Beach product and their reputation of churning out NFL prospects is what mostly interest him.

“I like there defensive coordinator coach (D.J.) Elliot, I know he coaches a lot of D-ends and he has probably eight NFL D-ends right now still in the NFL and just the atmosphere around their. They’re trying to change the program around and I think I’d make a good impact when I get there, if I get there.”

The Crimson Tide’s reputation speaks for itself and also has Strowbridge intrigued especially head coach Nick Saban’s track record.

“I just like the way coach (Nick) Saban gets it done, it’s a great program with great facilities and I know I’ll be coached by great coaches.”

The hometown Hurricanes are really stressing how important Strowbridge is to them and consistently tell him how he could make an impact.

“Miami, I like how it’s close to home. I like all of the coaching staff, I’m comfortable with them and I know a lot of the players. I talk with coach (Al) Golden, coach (Mark) D’Onofrio and coach (Hurlie) Brown and they always say they need me, they need me.”

While those three stick out, Strowbridge say it’s the Hurricanes and Wildcats who are recruiting him the hardest.

“It would probably be split between Kentucky and Miami.”

There are no concrete plans for any official decision date, but Strowbridge would like to take his officials visits.

“Nothing is set, but I want to take my officials and then commit, but if I feel like the school is right then I will just commit.”

There will be plenty of factors involved in the Broward county prospects choice including mainly how comfortable he feels.

“The coaching staff, if I get along with them good. A lot of great fans, good school and a good degree and if I just feel at home.”

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I really thought Florida was the early favorite here, but I don't think they're very interested.
Sounds like he'll be pooping it up with Cory Johnson at UK
Surprised to hear the coaching staff is saying they "need" Strowbridge after what was written about both sides losing interest.

We really need to start landing the bigger fish, especially defensively. This class has a ton of quantity, but the blue-chip ratio outside the RB group is alarming at this point. Thought we'd pursue McIntosh or Strowbridge, not both, even though they apparently believe McIntosh will eventually kick inside to DT.

Strowbridge would be a nice fit in Kentucky's D.
Seems like Bama offers more players than several schools ****tier than them. shady
I dont mind this class as far a Dline. we got some guys that will be here for the next 2 years, the 2014 class can take over and obv the studs will leave, then these guys will be JRs with some action and weight room under thier belt
Im very curious as to what your quote is regarding^^^