2015 ATH Johnson Leading Killian

2015 ATH Johnson Leading Killian

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Some people my argue that sophomore prospects are too far away from Signing Day 2015 to even take take seriously. That should not be the case with 2015 ATH JaQuan Johnson though, who is leading Killian to their best season in recent memory. The Cougars are currently sitting at 5-1, with their lone loss coming to South Dade. If they are able to pull off a win in their upcoming game against Palmetto, they will be in the playoffs. Much of the team's success can be attributed to the play of Johsnon, who some can argue has been the best player in Dade County this season. The sophomore has played both ways and has 13 TDs along with 2 INTs from the safety spot.

"We've been working hard the whole time. We had a disappointing loss, but we learned from it and we're working harder than ever now. We just need to stay focused and not look past any games."

Johnson has maintained for a while that one school is out in front for him.

"Recruiting has been great. UF has been talking to me a lot and T-Rob (UF DB Coach Travaris Robinson) came to see me. I might take a visit up there soon. I like the atmosphere and the people up there. T-Rob has been great to me and they're talking to me the most right now."

What other schools are in the picture for him early on?

"Florida State has been talking to me too. My coach told me that Marshall offered me, but I haven't actually spoken to them yet."

The 2015 stud is waiting to hear from the local Miami Hurricanes, who he is very interested in.

"I haven't talked to Miami yet, but I think about them all the time. I grew up here and I love the history behind it. I would love for them to be one of my choices."

Somebody who Johnson is familiar with is 'Canes freshman safety Deon Bush.

"I'm surprised he's playing as a freshman, but he's doing his thing and working hard. He's getting a lot of exposure."

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Only a matter of time before he gets an offer. He has been the AJ Leggett of this year in terms of leading his team to a great season virtually by himself (not including Trumaine Washington). Frontrunner for Dade county player of the year IMO
Now, I can understand not offering, but how the fvck can it be that we haven´t even talked to him?
This guy has been a standout since his freshman year. He could play multiple positions at the next level.. He's a must-get!
I'm hearing Travaris Robinson's name pop up a lot. Seems like he's making a name for himself as a recruiter.
yea, he is still relatively young, played ball down here (coral park) and he grew up in the "hip hop era" so he can relate to kids better than most can, kinda like barrow but he is much younger.

Funny looking at him as a coach tho..
why does it often seem UF or FSU talks to a kid first down here?
I have no problem with waiting on an offer for a guy like Quincy Wilson (who seems to have a lot of great attributes but needs to prove he can put it all together and dominate at a position - CB or S), but it is unexcusable to be late to the party on Jaquan Johnson and it ****es me off. He is a 5 star talent at safety in our backyard. I don't care that he is 2015. It was obvious after his freshman season that he was Miami talent.

I'm pretty ****ed that UF and FSU are developing a relationship with him before our coaches.
why does it often seem UF or FSU talks to a kid first down here?

Because they have to get on these guys earlier to have a chance.

But since Golden got here, I don't think your concern is holding up like it used to.
Now, I can understand not offering, but how the fvck can it be that we haven´t even talked to him?

2015 kid, relax. Plenty of time until NSD in 3 years.

this is a kid if we miss we look back at and :ohlord: at Golden
UF shouldn't be outrecruiting us for a kid that is literally all the way across the state for them but right in our own backyard. unacceptable.
I agree that this kid is a must-get. Based on Fr film he looks like a defensive version of Duke. Like Duke he's not an elite physical specimen but his instincts and skills are top-notch. He can develop into a Brandon Flowers type of player at CB.
my boyyy from killian doing it big

get lamar on this