2014 OLB/DE Smith Emerges

2014 OLB/DE Smith Emerges

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
One of the great things about high school football in South Florida is the amount of unheralded talent each and every year. A player can be unknown one year, and a star the next. This is the case with 2014 DE/OLB Michael Smith (6’2”, 220) of Miami Northwestern, who not many knew about heading into the season. Smith finished the year with 20 sacks and is now one of the most-feared defensive players in the county.

“It feels good, man. I worked hard this season and just wanted to help my team get to the top. We didn’t do what we wanted tonight, but I’m just gonna go hard in the offseason and camp circuits and do my best next year to get ready for college.”

Smith plays a hybrid role as a defensive end and pass-rushing linebacker, and isn’t worried about what he will play at the next level.

“I see myself at any position as long as there is a coach willing to work with me and make me better at any position.”

It’s only a matter of time before the junior becomes a household name in coaching circles, but for now his recruitment has been low key.

“I’m liking UM, West Virginia, Florida State. I wanna stay down here for school. I don’t wanna go out of state. West Virginia is the only school that has been talking to me.”

Smith expanded on his love for Miami.

“I love the atmosphere and how the players play with passion. I always wanted to be a ‘Cane. I’m going to their camp after the season.”

Here are Smith's midseason highlights:


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If I'm Golden, I offer this kid soon, literally within the next few weeks before his full-season highlights go out. He is about to blow up and just wait till the camps come around.

I saw Northwestern play 4 times this year and he was balling against the best competition
Peter have you seen him in a person... is he a solid 6' 2'' or 6' 3''?
if he is 6'2 legit...his offer should be on the way TOMORROW imo...
That guy has outstanding balanace and quickness. He moves like a running back.

This kid fits the mold for our defense, if he occasionally drop in zone.
So he is a legit 6-2 220? Add about 15-20 lbs and he will dominate.
Perfect example of the type of players this program was built on.
If he's really 6' 2", maybe he can forego his senior season of HS.
I liked what I saw from those clips. Explosive first step and plays low. He needs to gain ALOT of weight, but yes. definitely offer.
Kid looks legit. His offer needs to be out as well as Q. Wilson.
Looks Miami caliber to me but if the staff even has to question whether this kid is worth an early offer, then wait. We're a long ways from NSD 2014 and Smith isn't the only talented SFl DE I've seen (Keyon Brown). There's no rush to offer this kid when the only school recruiting him is WVU. The staff should gauge interest from the top kids nationally and see what the sanctions are before throwing offers left right and center.
Kid actually threw a pretty good swim move at the :35 sec mark. Most HS kids with his quickness just use their speed to get to the QB, as that normally is enough. He's playing against the best competition in S.Fla., and 20 sacks is producing. Color me impressed. Like others said, he needs to bulk up and get stronger, but that's true of most DE's out of HS. Clowneys are the exception not the rule.
"20 sacks" :eekeyes: :eekeyes: :eekeyes:

SIGN HIS *** UP!!!
Watched him twice (BTW and Homestead) having no idea who he was, and both times he stood out.

Tremendous motor to go along with obvious fast-twitch.