2014 LB Jackson Keeping Options Open

2014 LB Jackson Keeping Options Open

Peter Ariz
With over 30 scholarship offers, 2014 LB Vincent Jackson (Tampa Jesuit) is one of the top prospects in the state for next year's recruiting cycle. Unfortunately for his team, they failed to qualify for the playoffs this season.

"The season didn't go as planned really. We had high hopes for it, but we just got off to a shaky start. It was a great season for some people, but not us as a team. I'm definitely using this as motivation for next year. We can't be messing around in practice and stuff like that next year. To win and be a team, we need to focus. I don't feel like this team had as much unity as teams in the past."

After picking up countless offers over the spring and into the summer, Jackson has been taking things at a slower pace recently.

"It kind of slowed down because I haven't been talking to as many coaches because I now have the power to call whoever I want to. I'm focused on my schoolwork so I don't have the time to speak to the coaches as much as I used to."

Jackson isn't playing any favorites early in the process.

"Who I talk to changes. I'm really just keeping my options open and I'm not one-sided to any colleges. I don't know who would be in a top 5 because I'm not leaning to anybody."

He has said in the past that he has high interest in Miami, but he didn't give anything else about the 'Canes away.

"I'll always like Miami, but like I said, all my options are open because I'm not leaning to anybody."

What does he look for when he watches a team that he's interested in play on Saturdays?

"I look for teams to finish games. I like to see if the coaching staff gets them to play hard at the end of the game even if they're winning or if they're down."

Versatility is one of the star junior's main attributes.

"I prefer linebacker, but I play all-around. I've played Running back, Fullback, Tight End, and H-Back on offense. On defense, I've played Middle and Outside linebacker, and some D-End."

Jackson says he plans on looking more into his recruitment after the season and during the spring.

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