2014 LB Has Strong Connection with *Coach

2014 LB Has Strong Connection with *Coach

Tito Benach
2014 Miami Southridge (Fla.) LB Frank Newman says that Coach Barrow reminds him a lot of himself as a linebacker.

The hard-hitting rising junior got a chance to speak to Coach Barrow while at the Al Golden Football camp.

"He was talking to me and said that if you want to be the best you gotta practice the best, you gotta stretch the best and you gotta want to be the best."

Newman is beginning to hear from multiple schools including Miami, Florida State, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Auburn.

Newman wasn't shy about what he liked about the Canes.

"Everything, The program, the entire organization not just football. They have a very productive program that I could see myself in and that's been a school I've always loved, just the tradition that their players started."

While he is being recruited by a lot of schools, the Hurricanes have one advantage on Newman that other schools don't. Recent commit Jamal Carter is not only Newman's teammate, but also his cousin.

"Jamal is my cousin, we grew up together in pee wee's. We have a relationship that nobody can come between and I would love to continue to play with him."

Newman admits Carter's pledge to play at Miami will affect his college decision.

As far as how good he thinks Southridge will do this season, Newman wasn't shy at all. He only used one word to describe the outlook for the Spartans.

"State. I believe we have one of the best programs this year."

The 2014 LB says he will be looking for a college that has "a coaching staff that can understand me and a coaching staff that can give me playing time, help me grow and help me show the team what I can do."

Newman racked up 67 tackles with 20 sacks, forced six fumbles, and recovered four fumbles.

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Nice. Barrow planting the seed on this one. Keep 'em home!
20 sacks? Is that one season? Geeze!

Can never have enough pass rushers.
Any more recent highlights? Kid is tiny in that video (must've been 14 at the time) but looks like a player nonetheless.