2014 DL Thomas Staying Hungry

2014 DL Thomas Staying Hungry

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
2014 DL Chad Thomas from Booker T. Washington won a state title this past season and holds offers from nearly all of the top programs in the country. So what is keeping him hungry and motivated heading into next season?

"It's my last season so I gotta go hard and make it out of high school," said Thomas.

The 6'4", 230-lb lineman is known for his versatility and length rushing the passer. Thomas himself will be focusing on one aspect in particular until next season.

"I want to work on on my strength in my arms and chest to get ready for the college level. I'm kind of resting right now because I had a doctor's appointment to check up on my shoulder and she told me to chill and now I'm going to a specialist. It's minor, though."

One fact that nearly nobody knows about Thomas is that he doesn't actually attend Booker T. Washington. The multi-talented prospect goes to school at New World School of Arts, but plays his football for the Tornadoes.

"Going to New World and then playing football is very hard. New World is like two separate schools because music teachers want it done one way and regular teachers want it their way. Every class there's homework everyday. Sometimes I don't get to sleep until 2 in the morning. I'm doing my homework right now. I still have football and we also have testing like college with midterms and all that."

Thomas is already used to the recruiting process and updated how it has been going recently.

"It's cool, I've just been talking to a bunch of coaches and getting offers. I'm just kind of sitting back and waiting to see how many more come before my senior year."

Since last summer, Thomas has maintained that it is a Miami-FSU battle for his services, which is something he says is holding true.

"It's still those two and I don't think that will change. They're still at the top."

Who is recruiting him from the Miami coaching staff?

"Coach Barrow and Jethro Franklin are recruiting me as well as Coach Golden. I went over to probably the first Junior Day and watched the basketball game. I got to learn new things about the school and talked about different majors I might like if I go there, so everything was cool."

The hot topic with Miami recruiting down the stretch before Signing Day was the whole Denver Kirkland situation. Although some may speculate that the situation hurt Miami's chances with Chad, he says that won't be the case.

"Naw, I'm just going to worry about myself. I wasn't around when that happened so I'm not apart of that and it doesn't affect me. He's his own man, so whatever happened, happened."

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Not sure what to think

Hope we get him though
you could already tell thomas and patten aren't letting that bs have anything to do with them. Props to these two outstanding young men for doing that...even if they don't come here....but please come here.. haha.
Until proven otherwise, Im not expecting any kid from BTW as long as the triumvirate of ***gotry is still there.
Until proven otherwise, Im not expecting any kid from BTW as long as the triumvirate of ***gotry is still there.

Once again Chad is not a ''true'' BTW kid he goes to that art school and isn't around those guys daily. Like he said he is deciding on his own..
Still, he's got the same coaches in his ear that those other kids do and until I see otherwise I'm assuming he's FSU bound.
not much difference but he is also a Liberty City kid and not a TOWNER.
Sounds like a smart kid. I just hope he makes his own decision.
Lets be honest if Thomas and Patten choose Miami they are great young men who made their own choice . If they chose FSU then its all Ice's fault.
I will be very salty if within a 1 year stretch, we lose Thomas and the other two to FSU.
Always thought he would follow Matthew. Hope I'm wrong because he could end up even better.
Need to c this kid in orange and green baby!:stormwarning: