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    **The strength of Miami’s class right now is on the offensive line, and I feel very confident in saying that Miami will land Jalen Merrick of New Smyrna Beach as well. The Canes hold a strong lead right now for him and it is only a matter a time before he makes his announcement.

    **2016 LB Zach McCloud is a big get for Miami before he blows up. He is a long, rangy athlete with plenty of versatility and the Canes...
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    The University of Miami offered 2016 Santaluces (Fla.) LB Zach McCloud on November 13th; after getting a glimpse of the Hurricanes play Florida State this past weekend, he saw enough to make him commit the next day.

    While the decision seems like a quick one, McCloud says it’s always been a plan of his to suit up in the orange and green.

    “Years and years of wanting to play at Miami, I’ve been wanting to play there for a while. The temptation was too great. Although...
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    "Angel Rodriguez was sensational" - Coach L

    Yes he was. Angel Rodriguez dominated the second half and his performance looked eerily similar to his alpha dog days at Dr. Krop. Here’s a recap of Angel’s takeover and the ‘Canes upset of the Gators in Gainesville.

    First half:

    Gators come out pressing. Although two point guards are in, early on we use a 1 man game press breaker with Angel breaking the press. Manu is used as an outlet near the sidelines. Good move by Coach L. Angel is one of the best ballhandlers in the ACC and if a double team comes, Angel could get rid of it to Manu or inbounds man (Sheldon) then have a 4-3 advantage. During the first half, a delayed trap occurred as Angel neared half court ...
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    The University of Miami was able to land an elite California prospect in Brad Kaaya last recruiting cycle; They’re looking to do the same this year except with 5 star defensive tackle Rasheem Green.

    Green officially visited the Hurricanes this past weekend and recapped the game.

    “I thought they played great; to me they probably should have won that game. They lost by a play or two, but that’s the way football is. They played great to me.”

    Green spoke...
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    Yeah, I know this is super late( I went to the game and didn't come home till late Sunday night and was busy tying up loose ends all of today) so I apologize for the tardiness and for what most likely will be a lot of me repeating what has probably been said ad nauseam since late Saturday.

    And in the words of the great Ed Reed:"I'm ...
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    For what it's worth, I created all of this last night because I noticed some really nice things James Coley did with personnel groupings and design. Most of that was early in the game, however.

    We have some problems with our route combinations and that's the point of this thread. I'm taking a single play that was called in the heat of the moment (I concede) and using it to further discussion about our issues with play design. Also, I've been on Golden for likely setting a poor tone of conservatism. I have to be fair, though: the way we attacked the field here was a head-scratcher, to say the least.
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    They hate us. We hate them. Hurry up and kick it off already.


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